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You deploy a new computer named Computer1. You have a file named Data.docx that is stored in Microsoft OneDrive. From File Explorer, you attempt to open Data.docx, but you discover that the file is corrupt. You need to access a previous version of Data. docx. What should you use?

A.    File History
B.    the Recycle Bin
C.    One Drive online
D.    Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

Answer: A

You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 10. File History is turned on. You have files located in D:\Photos. You need to ensure that you can recover previous versions of the files in D:\Photos. What should you do?

A.    Add D:\Photos to the Pictures library.
B.    Turn on System Protection for drive D.
C.    Enable sharing for D:\Photos.
D.    Modify the Recovery settings in the Settings app.

Answer: A

A user reports that a computer was slower than expect during the last week. You need to identify any application failures that occurred during the last week. Which tool should you use?

A.    Performance Monitor
B.    Task Manager
C.    Resource Monitor
D.    Reliability Monitor

Answer: D

You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 10. Computer1 has a printer named Printer1 installed. You need to configure the settings of Printer1 remotely from another computer. Which tool should you use on the remote computer?

A.    Device Manager from Control Panel
B.    Print Management from Administrative Tools
C.    Printers & scanners from the Setting app
D.    Devices and Printers from Control Panel

Answer: B

Hotspot Question
You have a computer that has a shared printer named Printer1. The Advanced settings for Printer1 are configured as shown in the Advanced exhibit. (Click the Advanced button.) The Security settings for Printer1 are configured as shown in the Security exhibit. (Click the Security button.) You run the Get-PrintJob cmdlet and you receive the following output.


You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 10. You need to register Computer1 with Microsoft Intune. What should you do?

A.    From Accounts in the Settings app, click enroll in to device management.
B.    From a command prompt, run the djoin command and specify the /psite pararmeter.
C.    From System in Control Panel, modify the domain membership.
D.    From Accounts in the Settings app, add a Microsoft account.

Answer: A

You have a computer that runs Windows 10 Pro. You receive a SMART alert that the hard disk drive will fail soon. You connect a second external hard disk drive to the computer. You need to create a backup that you can use to restore the operating system and the user documents to a replacement drive. What should you use?

A.    Start-WB Backup
B.    Start-OB Backup
C.    vssadmin.exe
D.    wbadmin.exe

Answer: D

Hotspot Question
Your network contains a single Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains two computes named Computer1 and Computer2 and a domain controller named DC1. On Computer1, you run the net user Uscr1 command and you receive the following output.


You are evaluating a third-party antivirus application on a computer. You attempt to uninstall the application, but the application fails to uninstall. You need to remove the antivirus application from the computer. The solution must preserve user data and installed applications. What should you do?

A.    Perform a driver rollback.
B.    Perform a restore by using File History.
C.    Restore a System Restore point.
D.    Use the Reset this PC option.

Answer: A

You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 10. Device Manager on Computer1 is configured as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
You need to ensure that you can use Communications Port (COM1). What should you do?

A.    Update the driver for Communications Port (COM1).
B.    Attach a device to Communications Port (COM1), and then click Scan for hardware changes.
C.    Enable Communications Port (COM1).
D.    Modify the IRQ and the I/O Range for Communications Port (COM1).

Answer: B

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