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Drag and Drop Question
A new Azure Active Directory security principal named ReportUser@contoso.onmicrosoft.com should have access to select all current and future objects in the Reporting database. You should not grant the principal any other permissions. You should use your Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) account to authenticate to the Azure SQL database. You need to create the new security principal. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)

Step 1:
To provision an Azure AD-based contained database user (other than the server administrator that owns the database), connect to the database (here the Reporting database) with an Azure AD identity (not with a SQL Server account) that has access to the database.
Step 2:
To create an Azure AD-based contained database user (other than the server administrator that owns the database), connect to the database with an Azure AD identity, as a user with at least the ALTER ANY USER permission.
Step 3:
Grant the proper reading permissions.

You manage a Microsoft SQL Server environment in a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. You must enable Always Encrypted for columns in a database. You need to configure the key store provider. What should you do?

A.    Manually specify the column master key.
B.    Modify the connection string for applications.
C.    Auto-generate a column master key.
D.    Use theWindows certificate store.

Answer: D
Always Encrypted supports multiple key stores for storing Always Encrypted column master keys. A column master key can be a certificate stored in Windows Certificate Store.

You plan to deploy 20 Microsoft Azure SQL Database instances to an elastic pool in Azure to support a batch processing application. Two of the databases in the pool reach their peak workload threshold at the same time every day. This leads to inconsistent performance for batch completion. You need to ensure that all batches perform consistently. What should you do?

A.    Create an In-Memory table.
B.    Increase the storage limit in the pool.
C.    Implement a readable secondary database.
D.    Increase the total number of elastic Database Transaction Units (eDTUs) in the pool.

Answer: D
In SQL Database, the relative measure of a database’s ability tohandle resource demands is expressed in Database Transaction Units (DTUs) for single databases and elastic DTUs (eDTUs) for databases in an elastic pool. A pool is given a set number of eDTUs, for a set price. Within the pool, individual databases are given the flexibility to auto-scale within set parameters. Under heavy load, a database can consume more eDTUs to meet demand. Additional eDTUs can be added to an existing pool with no database downtime.

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