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A technician applies an image of Windows to a client computer. The technician reports that several errors occurred during the Windows Welcome phase of the setup. You need to view the errors that occurred during Windows Welcome. Which file should you view?

A.    Setupapi.dev.log
B.    Cbs_unattend.log
C.    Setupapi.offiine.log
D.    Setupact.log

Answer: D

You prepare and sell several computers pre-installed with Windows. You need to identify the scenarios that violate the support agreement between the OEM System Builder and an end user that purchases a computer. Which two scenarios violate the support agreement?

A.    When an end user replaces the network card, video card, and power supply for the computer.
B.    When an end user runs a Push Button Reset (PBR).
C.    When an end user adds three hard disks on the computer.
D.    When an end user moves the computer’s hard disks to another computer and uses the new computer.
E.    When an end user replaces the computer’s motherboard with another manufacturer’s motherboard.

Answer: DE

You are an OEM system builder. What are you required to run before shipping a preinstalled computer to a customer?

A.    sysprep /generalize
B.    sysprep /specialize
C.    sysprep /audit
D.    sysprep /oobe

Answer: D

You work for an OEM builder. You create a custom image of Windows 10 for a customer. You deploy the image to 100 clients that are then shipped to a customer. For recovery purposes, the customer requests that you provide removable media that contains the image. What should you do?

A.    Create an image of a reference computer on a USB key by using a third-party imaging software.
B.    Inform the customer that the customer must download the custom image from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).
C.    Create an image of a reference computer on a DVD by using a third-party imaging software.
D.    Inform the customer that you are prohibited from providing a recovery solution for the custom image on removable media.

Answer: D
You can provide a hard disk recovery solution for a custom image, but not removable media containing a custom image.

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