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You quality a lead for a business account. After several conversations with the business contact you discover that the business used a different vendor. Which record should you deactivate?

A.    opportunity
B.    lead
C.    contact
D.    account

Answer: A

You need to identify which type of object can be associated to sales territories. Which type of object should you identify?

A.    Opportunities
B.    Users
C.    Leads
D.    Facilities
E.    Teams

Answer: B

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that contains the following charts:
– A tag chart named Chart1 that displays keywords from case titles
– A funnel chart named Chart2 that displays case resolution times
– A line chart named Chart3 that displays priorities
– A doughnut chart named Chart4 that displays the number of cases by priority
You need to identify which charts can be added to a personal dashboard. What are two possible charts that you can add? (Choose two.)

A.    Chart1
B.    Chart2
C.    Chart3
D.    Chart4

Answer: BD

You are viewing the Service Activity Volume report from Report Viewer in Dynamics CRM. You need to identify which action can be performed from Report Viewer. Which action should you identify?

A.    Add an activity.
B.    Synchronize to Microsoft Outlook.
C.    Resolve a case.
D.    Export to Microsoft Excel.

Answer: C

Your company deploys Dynamics CRM. All of the employees who perform service calls for customers use CRM. You plan to deploy FieldOne. You need to identify a benefit of deploying FieldOne. What should you identify?

A.    reduces the number of service calls
B.    reduces the use of social technology
C.    reduces the use of web portals and mobile apps
D.    reduces the fuel costs of the service calls

Answer: B

You are working on a case that pertains to a common issue encountered by customers. You discover a new solution to resolve the issue. You need to ensure that all users can find the new solution. What should you do?

A.    Create a knowledge article.
B.    Create a solution file.
C.    Assign the case to a team that includes all of the users.
D.    Share the case with all of the users.

Answer: A

You have an on-premises deployment of Dynamics CRM. You plan to gather customer feedback by using several surveys. You need to identify the prerequisite for the planned surveys. What should you identify?

A.    Microsoft Exchange Online
B.    A Microsoft Office 365 subscription
C.    Microsoft OneDrive for Business
D.    A Microsoft Azure subscription

Answer: A

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