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An organization has many mobile users accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 via phone or tablet. Microsoft Excel is not installed on the mobile devices. The organization wants lo enable their users to view detailed analytics with interactive slicers for ad hoc analysis for their customers and opportunities using only the web browser. Which action should you recommend?

A.    Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct the users to download the template.
B.    Create the detailed analytics as a Dynamics Worksheet, and distribute it to the users.
C.    Create the detailed analytics as a Report and instruct the users to run the report when needed.
D.    Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct users to open the template with Excel Online.

Answer: D

You are using Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage your sales process. You have created multiple revisions for a Quote. During this process, you have not updated the Opportunity. The customer now confirms the Quote, and you close it as Won and choose to automatically close the Opportunity at the same time. Which statements about the Opportunity are true? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    The Opportunity is closed as Won. and has an Opportunity Close Activity and a Quote Close Activity in the Activities pane.
B.    The Actual Revenue on the Opportunity is populated with the amount from the Won Quote.
C.    The Opportunity Line Items nave been updated to match the Won Quote.
D.    The Opportunity is closed as Won. and has an Opportunity Close Activity in the Activities pane as the only close activity.

Answer: CD

After two months of communicating with a prospect your organization is ready to provide a formal offer for products and to the prospect You need to ensure the record is correct in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Which item should you create to represent this formal offer?

A.    Opportunity
B.    Quote
C.    Lead
D.    Order

Answer: D

You are a mortgage broker for a bank. You need to show the relationship between your Clients and their accountants who are already in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. What should you do?

A.    Create a Connection between the Opportunity and the accountant.
B.    Add the accountant as a competitor.
C.    Tie a Document containing the accountant s business card to the Opportunity.
D.    Add a note to the Opportunity with the accountants’ information.

Answer: B

You are a project manager in charge of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a sales organization. You are creating a product catalog. You have created a number of products, yet sales people are complaining that they cannot add these products to any invoices. What must be done so that the sales people can add these products to their invoices?

A.    The products must first be added to an opportunity.
B.    The products must first be activated.
C.    The products must be placed into draft status.
D.    The products must first be included in a quote.

Answer: A

An opportunity to partner with one of your competitors on a large project has come up, but you are unable to select the competitor as a customer on the opportunity. Which two record types can you assign to the competitor to enable you to se4ect them as a customer? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Lead
B.    Contact
C.    Account
D.    Prospect

Answer: CD

You notice that all of your current customers are stored m Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Account records. You need to create records for other organizations you work with to support your customers. These organizations represent vendors, partners, and distributors. What record type should you use for these organizations?

A.    Account
B.    Prospect
C.    Organization
D.    Company

Answer: A

You are a sales manager who has a large sates team. You want to track when you lose sales to your competitors. Which activity allows you to track your competitors in relationship to a lost opportunity?

A.    Resolution activities
B.    Phone activities
C.    Task activities
D.    Email activities

Answer: B

An organization uses goals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track sales via opportunities on existing customers. Customers are grouped into “standard” and “VIP” categories. You need to create goals that only calculate sales on each account flagged as a “VIP” customer. Which approach should you take?

A.    Create a rollup query on the account entity, and add a query that only includes accounts flagged as VIP.
B.    Create a rollup query on the opportunity, and add a query that only includes opportunities related to accounts flagged as VIP.
C.    Create a goal metric and specify it to only calculate revenue from accounts flagged as VIP.
D.    Create a rollup field, and set it to only include opportunities related to active accounts flagged as VIP.

Answer: C

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