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Your company is considering tracking budgets by Account, Department, and Cost Center dimensions. There is a requirement to prevent exceeding the budgeted amounts for each Department but not for each Cost Center. Which three actions must be performed to allow budget control for Accounts and Department, and basic budgeting by Account, Departments, and Cost Center, before budget control is enabled? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Select only “MainAccount” and “Department” as budgeting dimensions.
B.    Select the main accounts for budget control.
C.    Select only “MainAccount” and “Department” as budget control dimensions.
D.    Select only “Department” as a budget control dimension.
E.    Select only “MainAccount,” “Department” and “CostCenter” as budgeting dimensions.

Answer: BCD

You decide that department managers must submit budget plans to you each quarter. You need to use the budget planning template wizard to generate a budget planning template that each department submit to you. What are three prerequisites for creating a template for budget plan worksheets? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Create a budget plan and review its information by using a worksheet template.
B.    Decide which matrix fields to creat.
C.    Select the worksheet template to use for the budget planning process.
D.    Decide which fields to use for the header.
E Decide which columns to include on the worksheet.

Answer: ABD

You need to consolidate multiple subsidiary company transactions into the consolidation company in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials. You need to modify the financial dimensions at the time of consolidation, such as including the originating company code on each transaction. When performing a consolidation in Dynamics AX, which three specifications can be selected for each dimension? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    group dimension
B.    main accounts
C.    dimension
D.    operating units
E.    company accounts

Answer: A

You are setting up an allocation rule and distributing amounts based on revenue dollars. You need to share the cost of corporate advertising expenses across all departments and base each department’s sales in proportion to the total sales of all departments. Which allocation should you choose?

A.    Fixed Percentage
B.    Equally
C.    Fixed Weight
D.    Basis

Answer: B

You are setting up sales tax on sales order for you customer. You need to define the setup so that it calculates as follows:

A.    Define “Origin” under ” Calculation parameter” on the sales tax code as “Percentages on sales tax”.
B.    Define “Calculation method” under “Calculation parameter” on the sales tax code as “Whole amount”.
C.    Define three sales tax codes. One for each tax rate.
D.    Define “Calculation method” under “Calculation parameter” on the sales tax code as “Inter-val”.

Answer: D

You are creating a new budget plan and want to allocate the budget plan lines from the source budget plan scenario in the parent budget plan to the destination scenario in the associated budget plans. Which allocation method should you use?

A.    Allocate across periods
B.    Use ledger allocation rule
C.    Distribute
D.    Aggregate

Answer: C

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