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You create a new retail channel. You need to configure assortment and replenishment plans to use the retail channel. What should you do?

A.    Add the retail channel to the distribution schedule.
B.    Assign a catalog to your retail channel.
C.    Include the retail store in the shared master data list.
D.    Add the retail channel to an Organization hierarchy.

Answer: D

You start using the order holds feature for your store. What is the purpose of the minimum score parameter?

A.    determines when an order must be placed on a system fraud hold code
B.    qualifies an order for a hold code
C.    creates an override against the hold code
D.    clears the hold code for an order

Answer: A

You need to perform an audit to identify out of balance payment transactions at a physical store. Which inquiry should you use?

A.    Retail store transactions
B.    Posted statements
C.    Retail sales
D.    Online store transactions

Answer: B

You need to configure the Retail Server URL. In which form do you perform this action?

A.    Real-Time Service profiles
B.    A sync Server profiles
C.    Channel profiles
D.    Channel Data group

Answer: C

You are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail administrator. You need to modify a store record to set up tax calculations based on the delivery location. Which option should you use?

A.    sales tax code for a customer delivery address
B.    sales tax group
C.    sales tax code on a customer record
D.    destination based tax
E.    items sales tax group

Answer: A

You are setting up gift cards for a multi-company configuration. On the Retail Parameters form, you select a company in the gift card company field. Which responsibility is assumed by the company that sells the gift cards and processes related transactions?

A.    liability
B.    distributing cards
C.    posting
D.    posting statements

Answer: D

You plan to run the installment billing process for a company. You process a credit card payment. Which two actions will occur? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    The payment requires manual authorization.
B.    The payment is added to the balance of the customer’s account.
C.    The payment is settled.
D.    The payment is submitted for authorization.

Answer: BD

On which two forms can you view the loyalty transactions for a store? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Retail store transactions
B.    Customer item statistics
C.    Sales orders
D.    Loyalty programs

Answer: AD

You are a cashier working on a point of sale (POS) register at a retail store. Your shift ends in the middle of the business day and you must report the cash in your drawer. You need to count your cash drawer in the back office. What should you perform first?

A.    log off the register
B.    perform a tender declaration
C.    perform a blind close shift
D.    close the shift

Answer: C

You are configuring bar codes. What is the purpose of the barcode mask?

A.    It defines the digits of a bar code for each product.
B.    It identifies the prefix and segments of a bar code.
C.    It identifies the bar code type.
D.    It defines the minimum and maximum length of a bar code.

Answer: B

A sales order has the detailed status set to Open order. What does this mean?

A.    The order is in the process of being created or modified.
B.    The order is a waiting payment authorization.
C.    The order is ready to be picked, packed, or invoiced.
D.    The order has a future order date and will be processed in the future.

Answer: D


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