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You are designing a Power Platform solution for a company. The company issues each employee a tablet device. The company wants to simply the opportunity management processes and automate when possible. The company identifies the following requirements:
– Users must have a visual guide to know which data to enter in each step of the opportunity management process.
– The system must automatically assign the opportunity to a manager for approval once all data is entered.
– The system must notify an assignee each time an opportunity is assigned to them by using push notifications.
– When a user selects a push notification, the associated opportunity must display.
You need to recommend the Power Platform components that will meet their requirements. Which three Power Platform components should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Business process flows.
B.    Power Apps mobile apps.
C.    Power Virtual Agents chatbots.
D.    Power Automate desktop flows.
E.    Power Automate cloud flows.

Answer: ABE
A: Use business process flows to define a set of steps for people to follow to take them to a desired outcome. These steps provide a visual indicator that tells people where they are in the business process.
B: Push notifications are used in Power Apps mobile to engage app users and help them prioritize key tasks. In Power Apps, you can create notifications for Power Apps mobile by using the Power Apps Notification connector. You can send notifications to any app that you create in Power Apps.
E: Create a cloud flow when you want your automation to be triggered either automatically, instantly, or via a schedule. Automated flows: Create an automation that is triggered by an event such as arrival of an email from a specific person, or a mention of your company in social media.

A company is struggling to gather insights from won and lost opportunities. Users must be able to access the company’s solution from mobile and desktop devices. The solution must meet the following requirements:
– Track opportunities and reasons for the win or loss of opportunities in the context of other related data.
– Display data to users as charts and tables and provide drill-through capabilities.
You need to recommend a Power Platform tool to help the client visualize the data. Which two technologies should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Power BI
B.    Power Automate
C.    Power Virtual Agents
D.    Power Apps

Answer: AD
A: Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform.
D: Power BI Apps are an easy way for designers to share different types of content at one time. App designers create the dashboards and reports and bundle them together into an app. The designers then share or publish the app to a location where you, the business user, can access it. Because related dashboards and reports are bundled together, it’s easier for you to find and install in both the Power BI service (https://powerbi.com) and on your mobile device. After you install an app, you don’t have to remember the names of a lot of different dashboards or reports because they’re all together in one app, in your browser or on your mobile device.

A company wants to add an interactive checklist to a Power Platform solution to ensure that salespeople are following the same steps when qualifying leads. You need to recommend a solution that will incorporate this checklist. What should you recommend?

A.    Microsoft Customer Voice
B.    Business Process Modeler Task Guide
C.    Dashboards
D.    Business Process Flow

Answer: D

You are designing a Power Platform solution for a company. Users must be granted access only to data that is relevant to them. You need to recommend actions to meet the requirements. Which two recommendations should you make? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Add column security profiles to applicable teams.
B.    Define and configure security roles.
C.    Create teams and assign security roles and users to the teams.
D.    Create business units and assign security roles to the business units.

Answer: BD
To control data access, you must set up an organizational structure that both protects sensitive data and enables collaboration. You do this by setting up business units, security roles, and field security profiles.

A company wants to create a Power Automate flow that posts marketing events to social media. The company must ensure that the postings adhere to regulatory requirements for handling of personally identifiable information (PII) data. The company will not post events to unauthorized social media platforms. You need to ensure that the requirement is met. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Configure the relevant connector so that is part of the Non-Business data group category.
B.    Create a security role to prevent data export.
C.    Configure an Azure Active Directory (AAD) security role for the maker to the environment.
D.    Create a Data Loss Protection (DLP) policy.
E.    Configure the relevant connector so that it is part of the Blocked data group category.

Answer: DE
DLP policies enforce rules for which connectors can be used together by classifying connectors as either Business or Non-Business. If you put a connector in the Business group, it can only be used with other connectors from that group in any given app or flow. Sometimes you might want to block the usage of certain connectors altogether by classifying them as Blocked.

A company uses manual processes to track interactions with customers. The company wants to use Power Platform to improve productivity. The company has the following requirements:
– Provide customers with an online portal where they can submit and review cases.
– Ensure that customers can chat online with a customer service representative at any time.
– Route chats to customer service representatives based on skill and availability.
You need to recommend a solution to the company. Which three components should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Dynamics 365 Virtual Agents chatbots.
B.    Customer self-service portal.
C.    Dynamics 365 Field Service.
D.    Business process flows.
E.    Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Answer: BDE
B: Customer self-service portal: A customer self-service portal enables customers to access self-service knowledge, support resources, view the progress of their cases, and provide feedback. Note: Based on the selected environment in Power Apps, you can create a Dataverse starter portal or a portal in an environment containing customer engagement apps (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation).
E: Omnichannel for Customer Service offers a suite of capabilities that extend the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise to enable organizations to instantly connect and engage with their customers across digital messaging channels.

You are a Power Platform consultant for an internet support company. The company lacks a budget to buy third-party ISVs or add-ons. The company requires a new system that achieves the following:
– All support issues must come in by email, need to be logged, and assigned to the support group.
– Accounts must synchronize with the parent company Oracle database.
– Reports must be sent to the executives on a weekly basis.
– No custom code will be used in the system.
You need to recommend the components that should be configured. Which two components should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Power Virtual Agents
B.    Microsoft Dataverse
C.    Server-Side Synchronization
D.    Microsoft Customer Voice

Answer: BD
The Dynamics 365 Customer Voice data is stored in Microsoft Dataverse. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is an enterprise feedback management application you can use to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter the most to your business. … It provides a personalized experience, enabling you to collect customer feedback and get relevant insights quickly and easily, all in a few clicks.
Not A: Power Virtual Agents lets you create powerful chatbots that can answer questions posed by your customers, other employees, or visitors to your website or service.

You are designing a self-service portal for a company. The portal must meet the following requirements:
– Customers must be able to submit and review cases.
– Customers must be able to chat with service representatives in near real time.
– Allow service representatives to select cases from queues and use knowledge articles to resolve customer concerns.
You need to recommend solutions for the company that do not require custom development. Which three apps or services should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Dynamics 365 Field Service
B.    Dynamics 365 Customer Service
C.    Omnichannel for Customer Service
D.    Customer Insights
E.    Customer Self-Service Portal

Answer: BCE

A company is implementing Dynamics 365 Sales. The company has turned off out-of-the-box quote calculations in order to implement its own custom calculations. When users update a line item on a quote, they expect to see an updated total for the quote in real time. Users are reporting inconsistent behavior, with some aggregations taking up to two hours. You review the system design and notice many asynchronous workflows. You need to recommend a solution to enable the calculation in real time. Which two options should you recommend? (Each answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Consolidate asynchronous workflow into a single real-time workflow.
B.    Consolidate multiple asynchronous workflows into a single asynchronous workflow.
C.    Implement a business process flow to replace the existing workflows.
D.    Convert the asynchronous workflows to a synchronous plug-in.

Answer: AB

A company has a Power Platform solution that integrates with a third-party system. The client reports that unexpected updates are being made to the Accounts table. You need to determine the root cause of the issue. In which three locations should you investigate? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)

A.    Audit summary view.
B.    Solution history.
C.    SDK Message Processing Steps.
D.    Plug-in trace log.
E.    System job run history.

Answer: ABD

You are designing a Microsoft Power Platform solution. You need to identify the non-functional requirements for the organization. Which three non-functional requirements should you identify? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)

A.    usability of business process flows
B.    customer maintenance procedures
C.    business rules to identify top customers
D.    solution regulatory compliance
E.    time-to-load forms

Answer: BDE
Non-functional requirements capture the elements that users might not directly care about but are important to support the proposed architecture and operational viability of the solution. Non-functional requirements often influence user adoption and perceived satisfaction with the solution.

Drag and Drop

A new customer asks you to design a solution for a Power Apps app that uses Microsoft Dataverse. The customer wants to keep the service process simple and save on both licensing and development time. You need to recommend solutions for the customer. What should you recommend? (To answer, drag the appropriate setting to the correct drop targets. Each source may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)


Box 1: Model-drive app. Integration with Microsoft Outlook requires a Model-driven app.
Box 2: Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Schedule anything in Dynamics 365 using Universal Resource Scheduling. You can enable scheduling for any entity in Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, and Project Service Automation, including custom entities.


A company is creating a Power Platform solution to manage employees. The company has the following requirements:
– Allow only the human resource manager to change an employee’s employment status when an employee is dismissed.
– Allow only approved device types to access the solution and company data.
You need to recommend a solution that meets the requirements. What should you recommend? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)


Box 1: Field security profile. Record-level permissions are granted at the entity level, but you may have certain fields associated with an entity that contain data that is more sensitive than the other fields. For these situations, you use field-level security to control access to specific fields. Field-level security is available for the default fields on most out-of-box entities, custom fields, and custom fields on custom entities. Field-level security is managed by the security profiles.
Box 2: Compliancy policy. Compliance policy settings – Tenant-wide settings that are like a built-in compliance policy that every device receives. Compliance policy settings set a baseline for how compliance policy works in your Intune environment, including whether devices that haven’t received any device compliance policies are compliant or noncompliant.


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