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A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales. The company uses a browser-based app named Sales Hub. You need ensure that users can access data from mobile devices. Which app should users install?

A. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
B. Dynamics 365 Finance
C. Dynamics 365 Business Central
D. Dynamics 365 for Phones

Answer: D
Use the Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets apps for your sales, customer service, field service, and other tasks when you’re on the go. With one download from your app store, you’ll automatically have access to all the apps you need for your role. You will see apps with the new Unified Interface on your mobile device.

You need to implement Microsoft Business Applications along with the Microsoft Power platform. Which three Microsoft products are part of the Power platform? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)

A. Microsoft Power Apps
B. Azure Active Directory
C. Microsoft Flow
D. Azure Machine Learning
E. Microsoft Power BI

Answer: ACE
The Power Platform uses PowerApps, Power BI, and Power Automate (previously named Flow) to customize, extend, and build all the apps you need for your business and unlock the potential of Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

A large retail company implements Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service. The board of directors is asking whether users are finding value in the technology. The company would like to measure and report usage of the software. You need to recommend a tool to determine software usage. What should you recommend?

A. Microsoft Intune
B. Azure Stream Analytics
C. Power Platform Analytics
D. Dynamics 365 Product Insights

Answer: C
The Power Platform Analytics Usage report is the default reports seen by the logged in environment admin. It provides total app launches and daily active users across all apps in the environment. Admins can filter the view with attributes like device platform, player version, country, state, and city.

You create a business rule on contact entity to enforce the requirement that users must enter either a telephone number, fax number, or an email when creating a new record. The company decides to remove fax number from the condition. You need to update the business rule. What are two ways of achieving the goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A. Save a copy of the rule and change the condition. Deactivate and delete the original rule.
B. Deactivate the business rule and change the condition.
C. Take a snapshot of the business rule and change the condition.
D. Change the condition and activate the change.

Answer: AD

A company manages a chain of retail stores. The company stores a list of retail store names and numbers in one Power BI table. The company stores sales transaction data including a transaction ID in another table. The transaction ID includes the store number. You need to show the store name for all retail transactions in all Power BI reports. Which tool should you use?

A. Query Editor
B. Power BI Service
C. Microsoft Excel
D. Data Connector

Answer: A
Power BI Desktop comes with Query Editor, where you can connect to one or many data sources, shape and transform the data to meet your needs, then load that model into Power BI Desktop.

Your company has an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server database that contains legacy sales data. You must display information from the database in a new Power Apps app. You need to establish a secure connection between the database and the app. What should you use?

A. Data source
B. App
C. Gateway
D. Flow

Answer: C
For an on-premises database, identify a data gateway that was shared with you (or create one). Specify Connect using on-premises data gateway, type or paste the server name, the database name, the user name, and the password for the database that you want to use, and specify the authentication type and the gateway.

A company uses Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. The company wants to build customer user interfaces that add additional functionality. You need to recommend a solution for the company. What should you recommend?

A. Power BI
B. Power Apps canvas apps
C. AI Builder
D. Microsoft Flow

Answer: B
Microsoft Power Apps provides a consistent experience for building apps and extending Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Investments include enhancements on Unified Interface, support for embedding canvas apps in model-driven apps and native support of the Common Data Service for Apps.

A company uses Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. When a sales order is created for one of the customers that a specific user manages, a Microsoft Outlook task must be created to remind the user to perform any follow up activities that are required. You need to implement the functionality to create Outlook tasks. Which two features should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. AI Builder
B. Power Apps
C. Business Events
D. Microsoft Flow
E. Common Data Service

Answer: CD

Users within a company use Flow for personal productivity. Users often overwrite their working flows by editing the definitions and are unable to undo changes after saving a flow. You need to ensure that users can revert a flow to the current state. Which two options can you use? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A. Export
B. Rename
C. Save As
D. Share

Answer: AC
A: You can export a flow as a package and import it into a different environment, or use it to restore the in the same environment at a later point in time.
C: The ability to make a copy of your flow is often useful when you want to create a flow similar to something you’ve already created. Or, if you want to maintain a draft of your working flow as you work on adding more functionality.
Here’s how:
Go to your My flows page. Click on the More (…) menu item next to the flow that you want to create a copy of. Click on the Save As command.

You are new to working with Microsoft Flow. You create a flow that extracts birth dates for users and then sends a birthday greeting email to users on their birthday. The flow does not properly extract birth dates. Where should you make changes?

A. Connectors
B. Expression
C. Templates

Answer: A
Select the new Date Time connector. There you will see all of the actions, which help you to convert time zones to format them for local time in an email, add or subtract times, or just get the current time.


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