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Which of the following are the common elements of platform as a service and software as a service? (Select two.)

A.    Both allow the OS to be patched by the customer.
B.    Both take advantage of incremental scalability.
C.    Both require the customer to maintain the hardware.
D.    Both provide granular access to the backend storage.
E.    Both implement hardware abstraction.

Answer: BE

One major impact that cloud computing has had on the application development process is the need for greater:

A.    security
B.    speed
C.    isolation
D.    standardization

Answer: A

Locating datacenters close to target markets is the result of which of the following strategic initiatives?

A.    Geoproximity
B.    Geodiversity
C.    Geography
D.    Localization

Answer: A
Azure allows specification of geographical regions or affinity groups. Geographical regions are related to the data centers, like North Central US, South Central US, Anywhere US, East Asia, North Europe, and so on. The list of options will grow as more data centers are added. Instead of selecting a region, it is possible to specify an affinity group. Affinity groups are hints to Azure that essentially state that everything within the group should be as close in proximity as Azure will allow. That usually means keeping items within the same data center, which besides having the benefit of geo-location, can sometimes offer performance improvements for communication.

A critical internal IT server provisioning process is under review and the IT manager is considering moving the process to the cloud. The IT staff has selected the cloud provider and must now migrate the process. Which of the following MUST the IT staff do to ensure the transaction meets the IT manager’s requirements?

A.    Pilot the process using cloud resources and perform a comprehensive test.
B.    Survey the business users and implement the solution that received the most positive feedback.
C.    Ask the server administrator to sign off and approve the implementation plan.
D.    Shift the current process to the cloud since the SLA will guarantee 99.999% availability.

Answer: A

After migrating the company’s entire datacenter infrastructure to a private IaaS solution, while at the same time maintaining the current network and server logical configuration, the IT director eliminated 50% of the IT engineering staff. The remaining staff has now shifted focus from a daily server maintenance and upkeep role, to more of a service provisioning, performance, and reporting role. Which of the following was MOST impacted by this migration?

A.    Service design
B.    Service strategy
C.    Service operation
D.    Service transitions

Answer: C

Which of the following will allow an organization to integrate internal identity management services with a cloud provider in order to provide single sign-on across the internal and cloud-hosted environments?

A.    Virtualization
B.    Federation
C.    Role-based authentication
D.    Outsourcing

Answer: B
Azure AD supports three different ways to sign in to applications:

Which of the following virtualization characteristics allows the use of different types of physical types or physical servers?

A.    Security
B.    Hardware independence
C.    Scalability
D.    Variable costs

Answer: B
Virtualization is a conversion process that translates unique IT hardware into emulated and standardized software-based copies. Through hardware independence, virtual servers can easily be moved to another virtualization host, automatically resolving multiple hardware-software incompatibility issues. As a result, cloning and manipulating virtual IT resources is much easier than duplicating physical hardware.

A company Chef Information Officer (CIO) who wants to ensure rapid elasticity for the company’s cloud solution would MOST likely choose which of the following types of cloud?

A.    Public cloud
B.    Private community cloud
C.    Private cloud
D.    Community cloud

Answer: C
Rapid elasticity is a cloud computing term for scalable provisioning, or the ability to provide scalable services. Software that can scale in a private cloud faces two security related issues:

Which of the following is the cloud characteristic that speeds up development, deployment and overall time of market?

A.    Rapid elasticity
B.    Cloud bursting
C.    Universal access
D.    Network pooling

Answer: A
Rapid elasticity is a cloud computing term for scalable provisioning, or the ability to provide scalable services. Experts point to this kind of scalable model as one of five fundamental aspects of cloud computing. Rapid elasticity allows users to automatically request additional space in the cloud or other types of services.

Which of the following is the logical progression in internal private cloud adoption?

A.    Virtualize, PaaS, IaaS and SaaS
B.    SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and Virtualize
C.    Virtualize, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
D.    IaaS, PaaS, Virtualize and SaaS

Answer: C
Cloud computing service models arranged as layers in a stack.

An entrepreneur has decided to open an e-commerce site to complement their retail store. After researching their options, they decide that a PaaS solution will be sufficient. To reduce upfront cost, the entrepreneur intends to build the site themselves. Which of the following skill-tests will be needed?

A.    Firewall Administration
B.    Web-Server Administration
C.    Security standard development
D.    Application development

Answer: D
Platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications. PaaS allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing software licenses, the underlying application infrastructure and middleware or the development tools and other resources. You manage the applications and services you develop, and the cloud service provider typically manages everything else.

When using SaaS, the cloud computing vendor is responsible to maintain which of the following?

A.    Client infrastructure
B.    Client firewall
C.    Updates and licenses
D.    Workstation OS version

Answer: C

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