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Your company has a Dynamics CRM organization. The company plans to use the product catalog. You need to identify which component must be configured before you can implement the product catalog. What should you use?

A.    product families
B.    product
C.    price lists
D.    unit groups

Answer: C

You create an entitlement that decreases the total terms when cases are created. You need to identify what will cause the value of the remaining terms of an entitlement to be incremented or decremented. What are two possible causes that you can identify? (Choose two.)

A.    when a case that is attached to the entitlement is resolved
B.    when the entitlement is attached to a new contact
C.    when a case that is attached to the entitlement is deleted
D.    when the entitlement is attached to a new case

Answer: CD

You have an entitlement that allows 15 cases to be opened by phone. After the 15 cases are opened by phone, you discover that additional cases are being opened by using email, the Internet and Facebook. You need to ensure that cases can be submitted for the entitlement only by using the phone. What should you do?

A.    Change the Decrease Remaining On setting.
B.    Add entitlement channels that have a total term of 0.
C.    Create a routing rule.
D.    Set the default entitlement.

Answer: A

You create a new case that is associated to a service level agreement (SLA). You need to identify what occurs when the case is placed on hold. What should you identify?

A.    An automatic notification is sent to the manager of the user who placed the case on hold.
B.    An automatic notification is sent to the customer who initiated the case.
C.    The time calculations for the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are paused.
D.    Users are prevented from editing the case record until the On Hold status changes.

Answer: C

You plan to create an entitlement template. You need to identify which types of records can be associated to the template. What are the possible record types that you can associate to the template? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    contacts
B.    service level agreement (SLA)
C.    account
D.    products

Answer: ABCD

Your team has a queue named Assignments. A team member named CSR1 plans to work on an item from the Assignments queue. CRS1 reports that after picking the item in the queue, the item no longer appears in the queue. You need to tell CSR1 which type of queue to open-to view the item. Which type of queue should you tell CSR1 to open?

A.    personal
B.    shared
C.    escalation
D.    public

Answer: A

You are evaluating whether to use a standard or an enhanced service level agreement (SLA). You need to identify a characteristic of a standard SLA. What should you identify?

A.    The SLA can be paused.
B.    The status can be tracked directly from the case form.
C.    Actions can be triggered based on specific success catena.
D.    The failure time is tracked.

Answer: D

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