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You need to create a table to serve as a data source for an SSRS report. You estimate that this SSRS re potentially returning over 50,000 rows of data. Which type of table should you use?

A.    an InMemory table
B.    a TempDB table
C.    an inherited table
D.    a regular table

Answer: C

You need to delete multiple records from the CustTrans table that are not approved. Code execution efficiency is a factor since the table will contain millions of records. Additionally, the CustTrans table does not have any overridden methods. Which X++ code segment should you use to achieve this goal?

A.    delete_from CustTrans where CustTrans.Approved==NoYes::No;
B.    select firstonly CustTrans where CustTrans.Approved==NoYes::No;
C.    while select CustTrans where CustTrans.Approved==NoYes::No
CustTrans.delete() ;
D.    select CustTrans where CustTrans-Approved==NoYes::No;

Answer: A

You have a table named CustTable. which has the following three fields: AccountNum, Currency, and CustGroup. You need to wnte X++ code to insert a record into CustTable and set the values of the three fields as follows:
AccountNum = “5000”
Currency = “USD”
CustGroup = “30”
Which two code segments can you use to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


Answer: BD

You want to see a list of all of the forms in the system, along with the current pattern type that is applied to them. What should you do?

A.    Run the form statistics add-in.
B.    Run the code comparison tool.
C.    Run the form patterns report.
D.    Run the help wiki.

Answer: D

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