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You receive leads that are generated from your company’s website. Once the leads are in Dynamics CRM, they must be assigned to a specific CRM user based on the city from which the lead came, and then moved to the queue of the user. You plan to create a workflow to manage the process. You need to identify which event should be used to trigger the workflow. What should you identify?

A.    Record is assigned.
B.    Record status changes.
C.    Record is created.
D.    Record is deleted.

Answer: C

You are modifying a Dynamics CRM form for a custom entity. You need to identify which parts of the CRM form users can use to modify data. Which two parts should you identify? (Choose two.)

A.    Navigation
B.    Footer
C.    Header
D.    Body

Answer: CD

You have a Dynamics CRM organization. You have a team named Team1. All of the members of Team1 have identical security roles. A user named User1 has a personal view to display the records owned by Team1. You need to ensure that all the members of Team1 can use the view. What should you do?

A.    Instruct User1 to assign the personal view to the owner of Team1.
B.    Instruct the owner of Team1 to configure the filter criteria.
C.    Instruct User1 to assign the personal view to Team1.
D.    Instruct User1 to configure the filter criteria.

Answer: C

Your company uses Dynamics CRM Online. You have an entity that has the ownership set to User or Team. You need to add a drop-down list to the entity. The drop-down list will contain six list items, and will trigger a workflow that has a custom activity. What should you do?

A.    Use a real time workflow.
B.    Use the trigger option from Microsoft SQL Server.
C.    Add an option set field to the entity.
D.    Add a lookup field to the entity.

Answer: A
Similar to asynchronous workflows, real-time workflows can be used to model and automate real world business processes. They can optionally require user input, can start automatically based on specified event conditions, or can be started manually by a user. Real-time workflows are for business users, for example business analysts, to implement similar functionality to synchronous plug-ins without requiring .NET Framework programming experience.

You have a Dynamics CRM organization. You need to ensure that sales users can access the organization by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Windows Store app. What should you do?

A.    Modify the System Settings for the organization.
B.    Assign the Delegate user role to the users.
C.    Configure a server profile.
D.    Enable the CRM for mobile security privilege for a security role.

Answer: D
Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses a security privilege, CRM for mobile, to provide access to CRM for phones and CRM for tablets.

You need to identify the maximum number of stages that a business process flow can contain. What should you identify?

A.    5
B.    10
C.    30
D.    100

Answer: C
Business process flows can have up to 30 stages.

You need to limit a user’s ability to edit a specific field in a contact record. You enable field security on the field properties. What should you do next?

A.    Create an access team template.
B.    Enable hierarchical security.
C.    Create a new security role.
D.    Create a field security profile.

Answer: D
When you use calculated fields that include a field that is secured, data may be displayed in the calculated field to users that don’t have permission to the secured field. In this situation, both the original field and the calculated field should be secured. Some data, such as addresses, are actually made up of multiple fields. Therefore, to completely secure data that includes multiple fields, such as addresses, you must secure and configure the appropriate field security profiles on multiple fields for the entity.

You have a business rule that has a scope of AM Forms. You discover that the business rule does not execute on forms when users access the forms. You need to ensure that the business rule executes on the forms when accessed by the users. What should you do?

A.    Assign the users permission to read the business rule.
B.    Change the scope of the business rule from All Forms to Entity.
C.    Activate the business rule.
D.    Enable the execution of the business rule from the System Settings.

Answer: B
If business rule is created with scope as “Entity” then the business rules will execute server side. If business rule is created with scope as “All Forms” then the business rules will execute client-side.

You have a Dynamics CRM organization. You need to tell a user which types of out-of-the box charts are available on a personal dashboard in CRM. Which two types of charts are available? (Choose two.)

A.    tag
B.    scatter
C.    pie
D.    funnel
E.    doughnut

Answer: CD
Customize by pie, bar, line, funnel charts.

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