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You have a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) instance that is configured to use multidimensional mode. You create the following cube:
Users need to be able to analyze sales by product and color. You need to create the dimension. Which relationship type should you use between the InternetSales table and the new dimension?

A.    no relationship
B.    regular
C.    fact
D.    referenced
E.    many-to-many
F.    data mining

Answer: D
A reference dimension relationship between a cube dimension and a measure group exists when the key column for the dimension is joined indirectly to the fact table through a key in another dimension table, as shown in the following illustration.
A reference dimension relationship represents the relationship between dimension tables and a fact table in a snowflake schema design. When dimension tables are connected in a snowflake schema, you can define a single dimension using columns from multiple tables, or you can define separate dimensions based on the separate dimension tables and then define a link between them using the reference dimension relationship setting. The following figure shows one fact table named InternetSales, and two dimension tables called Customer and Geography, in a snowflake schema.
You can create two dimensions related to the InternetSales measure group: a dimension based on the Customer table, and a dimension based on the Geography table. You can then relate the Geography dimension to the InternetSales measure group using a reference dimension relationship using the Customer dimension.

Hotspot Question
You are a database administrator in a company that uses Microsoft SharePoint Server for all intranet sites. You are responsible for the installation of new database server instances. You must install Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS) to support deployment of the following projects. You develop both projects by using SQL Server Data Tools. You need to install the appropriate services to support both projects. What should you do? In the table below, select the appropriate services for each project. NOTE: Make only one selection in each column. Each correct selection is worth one point.

Analysis Services can be installed in one of three server modes: Multidimensional and Data Mining (default), Power Pivot for SharePoint, and Tabular.

You are a business analyst for a retail company that uses a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) multidimensional database for reporting. The database contains the following objects:
You must create a report that shows, for each month, the Internet sales for that month and the total Internet sales for the calendar year up to and including the current month. You create the following MDX statement (Line numbers are included for reference only):
You need to complete the MDX statement to return data for the report. Which MDX segment should you use in line 01?

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Answer: B
The following example returns the sum of the Measures. [Order Quantity] member, aggregated over the first eight months of calendar year 2003 that are contained in the Date dimension, from the Adventure Works cube.
WITH MEMBER [Date].[Calendar].[First8Months2003] AS Aggregate(
[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year],
[Date].[Calendar].[Month].[August 2003]
[Date].[Calendar].[First8Months2003] ON COLUMNS,
[Product].[Category].Children ON ROWS
[Adventure Works]
[Measures].[Order Quantity]

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