Full Valid PassLeader MB2-704 Dumps with VCE and PDF Questions (Question 64 – Question 70)

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You create an opportunity report by using the Report Wizard. The report returns too many records. You need to reduce the number of records returned by the report. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. (Choose two.)

A.    Make the report a personal report.
B.    Reduce the number of columns.
C.    Designate a top or bottom number.
D.    Apply a filter.

Answer: CD

You view the service calendar with the resource view applied. You notice a box with the number two in it. What does this information identify?

A.    The service activities need to be scheduled.
B.    The resources are assigned to the same service activity.
C.    The service activity was rescheduled twice.
D.    The service activities on the schedule are conflicting.

Answer: D

You create a case for a customer who requests assistance. You need to find a Frequently Asked Questions document in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and email it to the customer. In which location should you look for the document?

A.    Knowledge Base
B.    Microsoft SharePoint
C.    Sales literature
D.    Marketing list

Answer: A

You need a dashboard that shows your cases only. Which dashboard should you use?

A.    Customer Service Operations
B.    Customer Service Representative
C.    Customer Service Performance
D.    Sales Performance Dashboard

Answer: B

What is required to view a Dynamic Excel report?

A.    Have Outlook Client installed.
B.    Create the export from a System View.
C.    Have system administrator rights.
D.    Save the Advanced Find query in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Answer: A

A customer calls to request a quote for a product. You need to log the call and create an opportunity for the potential sale. What should you do?

A.    Create a lead, and qualify it to create an opportunity.
B.    Create an account and an opportunity.
C.    Create a phone call, and convert it to an opportunity.
D.    Create a connection, and convert it to an opportunity.

Answer: C

You own an opportunity but need to allow other users to view and edit it. What should you do?

A.    Create a connection for a team, add the sales team role, and add the connection to the opportunity.
B.    Add users to the access team on the opportunity.
C.    Add users to the access team template.
D.    Create a connection for each user, add the sales team role, and add the connection to the opportunity.

Answer: B

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