Full Valid PassLeader MB2-712 Dumps with VCE and PDF Questions (Question 55 – Question 63)

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You are creating charts for a dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which three types of charts can you use for multi-series charts? (Choose three.)

A.    column
B.    pie
C.    funnel
D.    line
E.    area

Answer: ADE

You create a new solution for your company in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At which three levels can you configure auditing? (Choose three.)

A.    user
B.    attribute
C.    business unit
D.    entity
E.    organization

Answer: BDE

You are creating a security role in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You want users with the role to be able to add notes to cases. Which two privileges should you add to the role? (Choose two.)

A.    Append privilege on cases
B.    Append privilege on notes
C.    Append To privilege on cases
D.    Append To privilege on notes

Answer: BC

You are configuring user access in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You need each account to have a unique group of people who have write permissions to the account. What should you do?

A.    Have Dynamics CRM automatically create access teams for each record, and manually share the account with the appropriate.
B.    Create an owner team, and assign the accounts to the owner team.
C.    Create an access team template, and add to the account form a sub-grid that references the access team template.
D.    Manually create an access team record for each account and assign the account to the access team.

Answer: C

An organization acquires your company. You need to change the root business unit in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What should you do?

A.    Rename the root business unit with the new company name.
B.    Create a new business unit and reassign it as the root business unit.
C.    Rename the organization in the System Settings.
D.    Create a new business unit and re-parent the original root business unit.

Answer: A

You are customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You want to create a new custom entity Project. You need to be able to assign owner teams to it. Which ownership type should you use?

A.    access team
B.    organization
C.    owner team
D.    user or team

Answer: D

You are customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What should you do before you delete a custom entity?

A.    Delete the shares for records of this entity.
B.    Check whether the entity has any component dependencies.
C.    Remove the entity ownership.
D.    Remove the entity from any security role.

Answer: B

You add a Roll up field to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Account entity to calculate the sum of related Opportunity Estimated Revenue. How frequently will Dynamics CRM automatically recalculate the Rollup field?

A.    once every 12 hours
B.    once every four hours
C.    once a day
D.    once an hour

Answer: D

You are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant. You are assigned a new implementation. Before you configure the customer’s environment you want to set the Option Value Prefix for your solution. In which location do you set the Option Value Prefix?

A.    system settings
B.    the Option Set
C.    your solution
D.    the publisher of your solution

Answer: D

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