Full Valid PassLeader MB2-718 Dumps with VCE and PDF Questions (Question 73 – Question 80)

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You configure an organization to use entitlements. No customization has been applied. You need to associate an entitlement with a case record. Which option is displayed in the entitlement lookup field on the case record?

A.    only active entitlements associated with the case customer
B.    all active entitlements associated with the customer and contact
C.    only active entitlements associated with the case contact
D.    all entitlements associated with the customer and contact

Answer: B

You create a service level agreement (SLA) that wilt fail after seven days. You select a service calendar that uses 24-hour work days and no holidays. Saturday and Sunday are configured to be non-working days. If no action is taken, how many calendar days can pass before the SLA fails?

A.    5 days
B.    7 days
C.    9 days
D.    11 days

Answer: C

You create and activate an entitlement for a customer. The entitlement is set to decrease allotment on case creation. The customer opens a case and you observe that the issue is caused by a bug on the software. You need to ensure the customer allotment is not affected by this case. What should you do?

A.    Delete the case.
B.    Cancel the case.
C.    Use the Do Not Decrement Entitlement Terms action.
D.    Use the Apply Routing Rule action.

Answer: B

Which two statements regarding standard service-level agreements (SLAs) are true? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Standard SLAs record failure time on the entity record itself.
B.    You can create SLAs for entities other than the Case entity.
C.    You can only pause enhanced SLAs.
D.    You must use an enhanced SLA to define multiple success criteria.

Answer: BC

You have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. You implement Field Service and create a Field Service Agreement for a specific account. Where should you define the preferred resource?

A.    Schedule Board Setting
B.    Booking Setup
C.    Field Service Settings
D.    Scheduler Field Service slot text template

Answer: A

You implement the Unified Service Desk (USD). Which three of the following objects are events? (Choose THREE.)

A.    Realignwindow
B.    BrowserDocumentComplete
C.    DesktopReady
D.    SessionClosing
E.    FireEvent

Answer: CDE

You need to implement Microsoft Power BI to analyze and visualize data. Which two actions can you perform? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Use iframes to display content.
B.    Implement custom visualizations.
C.    Use a file that is stored in Microsoft OneDrive as a data source.
D.    Display the most recent version of the data always.

Answer: AB

You are deploying a Unified Service Desk (USD) application. For which three scenarios can you attach an action call? (Choose THREE.)

A.    A window navigation rule is processed.
B.    Client diagnostic logging is turned on.
C.    A threshold is reached in a Microsoft Power BI report.
D.    An agent script is run or an answer is clicked.
E.    A toolbar button is clicked.

Answer: ADE

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