Full Valid PassLeader MB6-892 Dumps with VCE and PDF Questions (Question 5 – Question 8)

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You are working with a vendor who supplies you with apparel and spotting good products. You are negotiating a new purchase agreement with the vendor. The agreement terms you have arranged with the vendor are for a 3 percent discount on all of the sporting good products when the order volume over the next month is at least 50,000 USD. Which commitment type should you use?

A.    product quantity
B.    product value
C.    product category value
D.    value

Answer: D

You are advising a client’s accounting department. They want to know when the sales demand is satisfied and the physical inventory is relieved for stock items. Which action Indicates this to them?

A.    Invoice a sales order.
B.    Create a sales order.
C.    Post a packing slip.
D.    Pick a sales order.

Answer: C

You are implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade for a new customer. You need to configure the costing methodology to be a Weighted Average for all items. What should you configure?

A.    product dimension group
B.    item model group
C.    tracking dimension group
D.    item group

Answer: B

You create a purchase requisition and add requisition lines. What is the status of the purchase requisition before submitting it to the workflow?

A.    In review
B.    In process
C.    Draft
D.    Approved

Answer: A

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