Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration Exam Questions with VCE and PDF for Free Download (Question 65 – Question 72)

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You are planning an enterprise implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which tool provides sample code to support the configuration and customization of Solutions?

A.    A third-party data import tool
B.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Microsoft Outlook
C.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Software Development Kit
D.    Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Answer: C

You create a custom entity named Ocean. It has the plural name of Oceans. What are three system views for this custom entity? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)

A.    Ocean Lookup View
B.    Ocean Advanced Find View
C.    Ocean Associated View
D.    My inactive Oceans
E.    My active Oceans

Answer: ABC

An organization wants to use Multi-Entity Quick Search. Which three entities can be used for Multi-Entity Quick Search? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)

A.    Leads
B.    Custom entities
C.    Accounts
D.    Contacts
E.    Orders

Answer: ACD

You create a new custom entity named Project. It has a lookup to Account. You create a field that maps from the City field on the Account to the Location field on the Project. What should a user do to apply the mapping?

A.    Create a new Account.
From the Account create the new project.
B.    Look up an existing Account.
From the Account record, add an existing project.
C.    Create a new Project.
Using the Account lookup, select an existing Account.
D.    Create a new Project.
Using the Account lookup, create a new Account.

Answer: A

You want to reduce the amount of data stored in auditing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Your Dynamics CRM environment has multiple audit logs. You need to delete at least one audit log. What should you do?

A.    Select the most recent audit log, and click delete.
B.    Create a bulk delete job, and select the audit entity.
C.    Select the oldest audit log, and click delete.
D.    Select multiple audit logs, and click delete.

Answer: C

You need to create a custom calculated numeric field that has five digits after the decimal point. Which field type should you use?

A.    Decimal number
B.    Floating point number
C.    Whole number
D.    Currency

Answer: A

You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that the sales personnel at your company must fill in the Estimated Revenue field on the Opportunity form. What should you do?

A.    Modify the Field Type to Simple.
B.    Modify the Field Requirement to Business Required.
C.    Modify the Data Type to Currency.
D.    Modify the IME Mode to Disabled.

Answer: B

You are configuring user access in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You need several accounts to have a fixed group of people who have extensive permissions to these accounts. What should you do?

A.    Have Dynamics CRM automatically create access teams for each record, and then manually share the account with the appropriate team.
B.    Create an access team template, and add to the account form a sub-grid that references the access team template.
C.    Manually create an access team record, and assign the account to the access team.
D.    Create an owner team, and assign the accounts to the owner team.

Answer: D

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