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You are an administrator in an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook. A majority of the users want to synchronize all contacts from accounts they follow, rather than just contacts they own. What should you do?

A.    Create and distribute a set of synchronization filters that includes all contacts for followed accounts.
B.    Instruct each user on how to configure the offline filter.
C.    Instruct each user on how to configure the synchronization.
D.    Instruct each user on how to configure the synchronized fields.

Answer: A

You are configuring forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and need to accommodate some users that access Microsoft Dynamics 365 through the app for phones and tablets. You want to ensure your changes will apply properly to all users regardless of how they access Microsoft Dynamics 365. What should you do?

A.    Make the configurations on the Main form only, and preview your changes for tablet and mobile.
B.    Make the same configurations on both the Main form and the Card form.
C.    Make the same configurations on both the Main form and the Mobile Express form.
D.    Make the same configurations on both the Main form and the Main Interactive Experience form.

Answer: A

You are a systems architect for a large company that is deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365. The company currently has all data stored on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises and plans on migrating all records from there to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Which record type has some statuses that cannot be set during an import?

A.    invoice
B.    customer
C.    order
D.    quote

Answer: D

You are the network administrator for a small company that has been in existence for less than two years. Management wants you to begin the data import process for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment. The company does not currently use any sort of Microsoft Dynamics CRM application and has a small amount of data. This is their first attempt at cloud computing. Which method should you use in this situation to complete the data upload process to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A.    Use the software deployment kit.
B.    Use the Data Loader service.
C.    Use the On-Premises to Online Conversion Service.
D.    Import the data using the Data Import Wizard.

Answer: D

You are the system administrator at your organization. You need to quickly synchronize all customization from your production instance to your development instance without synchronizing the data. What should you perform to accomplish this goal?

A.    a clone
B.    a switch
C.    a full copy
D.    a minimal copy

Answer: D

You are a system administrator at Contoso. Inc. You need to ensure that only system administrators and system customizers have access to your development instance. What is likely the cause of this issue?

A.    Your instance is being upgraded.
B.    Your storage limit was reached.
C.    Your instance is in Administration mode.
D.    Your instance has been reset.

Answer: C

Which authentication model does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support?

A.    client certificates
B.    direct authentication to Active Directory
C.    forms authentication
D.    authentication to Active Directory through a Security Token Services server

Answer: D

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