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You want to display information about a parent record within the form of a child record. You need to customize a Quick View form. Which two option are available to you? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    choosing from one section only
B.    adding multiple tabs
C.    adding multiple sections
D.    choosing from one tab only

Answer: CD

You are configuring a sales process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The sales process needs to have an additional stage if the probability field value is greater than 50%. Which three actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Add a branch rule to define the condition that should display the high probability stage.
B.    Add a stage to the branch for the high probability opportunity condition.
C.    Create a business process flow for your sales process.
D.    Create a business rule to conditionally switch between business process flows if the probability is greater than 50%.
E.    Create a second business process flow for the high probability opportunities.

Answer: ABC

You are developing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for a company. Your solution utilizes an HTML Web Resource on the Account form. Company employees use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile client for iPad, Android, and Windows. How will this environment affect the user experience?

A.    The users will not be able to view the Web Resource and will need to use the desktop client instead.
B.    The users can view the Web Resource, as long as it is within one of the first five tabs of the default form.
C.    The users will have to download and install an update rollup in order to view the Web Resource.
D.    The users will not be able to use the Web Resource until their security role is updated with ISV Customizations privileges.

Answer: A

You are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for a small business. Your client asks you to create a custom entity named Event Type. This entity needs to support business process flows, notes, document management and offline capability for Dynamics CRM for Outlook. Which two custom entity options in you solution cannot be disabled after they are enabled? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    offline capability for Dynamics CRM for Outlook
B.    document management
C.    notes
D.    business process flows

Answer: CD

You use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Goal Management to define sales goals over a period of time. You need to track actual and in-progress values for sales. Which goal metric should you configure?

A.    Amount Data Type
B.    Rollup Fields
C.    Metric Type
D.    Fiscal Periods

Answer: D

What should you configure before you Create goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A.    Fiscal Period
B.    Target Value
C.    Goal Owner
D.    Goal Metric

Answer: C

To which Microsoft Dynamics CRM object can you apply business rules?

A.    A dashboard
B.    A form
C.    A view
D.    A chart

Answer: B

Which two system entities can participate in business process flows? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Account
B.    Task
C.    Knowledge Base Article
D.    Service Activity
E.    Goal Metric

Answer: AB

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