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Your company has two offices. The offices are located in London and New York. The London office has a public IP of and a private IP subnet of The New York office has a public IP of and a private IP subnet of You have a Microsoft SQL Server database that is hosted on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Currently, only the users in the London office use the database. You need to create a new firewall rule to provide the users in the New York office with access to the database. The solution must protect the database from being accessed by users on the public Internet. What should you do?

A.    Modify the endpoint from the Azure portal.
B.    Use the sp_set_database_firewall_rule stored procedure.
C.    Disable the Windows Firewall on the Azure virtual machine.
D.    Run the New-AzureSqlDatabaseServerFirewallRule Azure PowerShell cmdlet.
E.    Use the Set Firewall Rule REST API.

Answer: A
This Microsoft SQL Server database is hosted on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Therefore, remote access will be provided via the endpoint rather than a database level firewall rule.

You have Microsoft SQL Server installed on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. The virtual machine is on the Standard D3 service tier. All of the data files for the databases on the virtual machine are located on a single volume that is mounted as drive E. The virtual machine experiences performance issues. You view the wait statistics and discover a high number of GEIOLATCH_SH waits associated to the tempdb data files. You need to resolve the performance issues. What should you do?

A.    Move the tempdb data files to drive D.
B.    Move the tempdb data files to drive E.
C.    Change the service tier of the virtual machine to Standard D12.
D.    Change the service tier of the virtual machine to Standard DS3.

Answer: A

Case Study 1 – A.Datum Corporation (QUESTION 9 – QUESTION 16)
General Overview
A.Datum Corporation is a real estate firm that has offices throughout North America. A.Datum has a main office and four branch offices. The main office is located in Seattle. The branch offices are located in New York, Montreal, Denver, and Vancouver.
Existing Environment
Network Infrastructure
The network contains one Active Directory domain named Each office contains one domain controller. Each office has a 100-Mbps connection to the Internet that is 20 percent saturated on average. The offices connect to each other through the Internet by using VPN appliances. A.Datum uses the public IP addresses shown in the following table.
SQL Server Infrastructure
In the main office, A.Datum hosts a Microsoft SQL Server instance on a server named SQL1. SQL1 has a 400-GB database named Listings. Log-shipped copies of Listings are present in each branch office. The copies are used for reporting. Currently, all of the SQL Server instances run SQL Server 2014 Enterprise edition. Each branch office has an application server that hosts an application named App1. App1 is configured to connect to the Listings database on each local SQL Server instance for reporting and to connect to the SQL Server instance in the main office for any updates to property listings. The main office also has an application server that hosts App1. The application server connects to the local Listings database for reporting and for any updates to the property listings. Historic activity of the Listings database shows a maximum of 475 concurrent requests from as many as 200 concurrent connections.
User Issues
Users report that, frequently, they are disconnected from the Listings database when they run reports. Users also report that there is an unacceptable delay between when a property listing is updated and when the updated listing appears in the listings reports. Developers report concerns about the lack of a testing environment in which code changes can be validated before being deployed to the production Listings database.
Business Requirements
A.Datum identifies the following business requirements:
Planned changes
A.Datum plans to implement the following changes:
Technical Requirements
A.Datum identifies the following technical requirements:
High-Availability and Recovery Requirements
A.Datum identifies the following high-availability and recovery requirements:

You need to recommend a backup solution for the ListTest database. What should you include in the recommendation?

A.    Extract a data-tier application (DAC).
B.    Use the bcp command.
C.    Use the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA).
D.    Export a data-tier application (DAC).

Answer: D

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