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Which statement about custom activity entities is true?

A.    You can display custom activity entities in the Sales, Service, Marketing, and Settings areas.
B.    The ownership of a custom activity entity can be set to Organization.
C.    You cannot change the display name of a custom activity entity.
D.    Custom activity entities are available to users who have access to other activity entities.

Answer: D

You want to add a drop-down list control on a form to present a fixed list of choices to the user. Which Data Type should you use?

A.    Lookup
B.    Option Set
C.    Picklist
D.    Multiple Lines of Text

Answer: B

You create several additional attributes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which two field requirement levels can be set? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Business Required
B.    System Recommended
C.    System Required
D.    Business Recommended

Answer: AD

You are creating a custom entity named Transaction. This entity needs to be an available activity that you can create from the contact entity. What should you do to configure the entity?

A.    Create a 1:N relationship between the contact and transaction entities.
B.    Check the Display inactivity menus check box on the transaction entity customization form.
C.    Check the Define as an activity entity check box on the transaction entity customization form.
D.    Check the Activities check box on the transaction entity customization form.

Answer: C

You need to delete a custom Public View from the System View area in Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that the Public View does not appear to any users. Which two preliminary actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Ensure that the view is included in an unmanaged solution.
B.    Verity that a different default view is set.
C.    Verify that all dependencies are removed from the view.
D.    Ensure that the view was created by you.

Answer: AB

You want to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM by adding several former vendors from the account as well as the time span of the business relation between the account and these vendors. What should you do?

A.    Add an N:N-relation between accounts and competitors.
B.    Add a manual N:N-relation between accounts and competitors, and remove the Name property of the manual intersect entity.
C.    Create a connection role named former vendor, and ensure the competitor and account record type are selected.
D.    Add an N:l-relation between accounts and competitors.

Answer: B

You intend to use the following three environments when you customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
– Sandbox
– Staging
– Production
Each environment represents a stage in the promotion of your work. You need to transfer custom entities and fields between these environments. Which mechanism should you use?

A.    data import feature
B.    Plug-in Registration tool
C.    Web Service Configuration Settings
D.    CRM Solution files

Answer: D

You need to add a new custom entity to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. Which three actions can you perform to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)

A.    Execute a workflow.
B.    Import a Solution.
C.    Run a dialog.
D.    Create a new entity in the default Solution.
E.    Import data.

Answer: ABD

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