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You work as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system administrator for a company with 2,000 Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. Users do not have local administrator privileges on their computers. You need to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook to 1,000 users with offline capability. Which deployment method should you use?

A.    Use Windows Remote Desktop Services.
B.    Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to prompt the user to download Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook when they log on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
C.    Create a folder on the network, add the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook setup files, give all users access to the folder and installation instructions.
D.    Use group policy.

Answer: A

You plan to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets in an on-premises installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. The tablet client does not work after installation using default options. You must perform the additional step required to support Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets in your on-premises deployment. Which additional step is required?

A.    Create an Active Directory group for the tablet devices.
B.    Configure virtual private network (VPN) on the tablets.
C.    Add the users to the mobile users group in Active Directory.
D.    Install and configure Internet-facing deployment.

Answer: D

You work as a consultant for a Microsoft Partner. A client wants to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM server-side synchronization for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises and Exchange on-premises applications. You need to set up the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server-side synchronization server profile. What should you do?

A.    Test and enable mailboxes to create the server-side synchronization profile record.
B.    Use the default server-side synchronization profile record.
C.    Set the server profile setting on the user record to Exchange Server to create the profile record.
D.    Create a new server-side synchronization profile record.

Answer: D

Why should you select a currency during installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016?

A.    Once installation and configuration is complete no additional currencies can be added.
B.    The selected currency becomes the organization s base currency and can be changed later.
C.    The selected currency will become the base currency for all organizations on the server.
D.    The selected currency becomes the organization s base currency and cannot be changed later.

Answer: A

You manage a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises environment contains Active Directory Federation Serves (AD FS). Your company is preparing a business continuity plan. You need to describe which mechanism is used by AD FS to authenticate users to CRM. What should-you document?

A.    assigned user role
B.    user name and password
C.    Active Directory
D.    claims token

Answer: C

Your organization uses Microsoft Exchange on-premises and you deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises. Which feature must you enable to use folder-level tracking?

A.    server-side synchronization
B.    forward mailbox
C.    Email Router
D.    smart matching

Answer: B

Which two components are required to enable Internet-facing deployment on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Server running on Windows Server 2012 R2? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 3.0
B.    Enterprise administrative permissions
C.    Website configured for https only
D.    Windows Server 2012 R2 domain functional level

Answer: AB

You manage a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises environment. You configure Active Directory federation Services (AD FS) to support an Internet-facing deployment (IFD). Claims authentication works for external, but not internal traffic. You need to support IFD for both internal and external clients. How can you resolve the internal claims-based authentication errors from internal clients?

A.    Configure Active Directory accounts for the AD FS server.
B.    Create a CNAME for the internal website that points to the external website.
C.    Configure Active Directory sites and services to add the internal website.
D.    Add a relying party trust for the internal server website.

Answer: A

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