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You plan to deliver 10 client computers to a customer. The computers will have Windows 10 installed. The customer identifies the following tasks that must be performed by users of the computers:
– Create new Microsoft Word documents.
– Create new Microsoft Excel documents.
– Modify existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
You plan to preinstall Microsoft Office 2016 on the computers. You need to recommend an Office 2016 license solution for the customer. The solution must minimize licensing costs. What should you recommend?

A.    Office Professional 2016
B.    Office 365 Home
C.    Office Home & Business 2016
D.    Office 365 Business Volume Licensing

Answer: C

Hotspot Questions
You create a custom installation of Windows that contains several XML files. You deploy a test computer by using the custom Windows installation and notice that some of the installation options are missing. Which XML file should you inspect to identify all of the missing installation options? To answer, select the appropriate option from each list in the answer area.


You have a Windows image. You are testing the Out-of-Box-Experience (OOBE). You discover that when neither a keyboard nor a mouse is connected, the Human Interface Device (HID) pairing instructions do not appear. You need to ensure that the HID pairing instructions appear when the image starts on a client computer that had neither a keyboard nor a mouse connected. Which file should you create?

A.    Unattend.xml
B.    Oobe.xml
C.    Sysprep.inf
D.    Coconfig.xml

Answer: B

You have a computer that has Windows installed. You start Windows on the computer for the first time. You need to verify that Push Button Reset (PBR) is configured in the Windows installation. Which tool should you use?

A.    Scanstate.exe
B.    bcdboot.exe
C.    Dism.exe
D.    Reagentc.exe

Answer: D

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