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You are a systems architect helping a company deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. The company currently uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, which is hosted on-premises. The company needs to migrate the data within that system to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Which import method should you use to accomplish this goal?

A.    Migrate the data by using the Data Loader service.
B.    Upload CRM SQL backup file using the On-Premises to Online Conversion Service.
C.    Restore the CRM 2016 On-premises database in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration center.
D.    Export the data to multiple CSV files.

Answer: A

You are the network manager for a company that wants to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your users have Active Directory accounts. These accounts are stored on-premises. Management wants users to have a seamless login experience, using Single Sign-On (SSO). What should you do to accomplish this goal?

A.    Synchronize Active Directory with Microsoft Office 365.
B.    License all users for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Office 365 Adm in Portal.
C.    Implement Active Directory Federation Services.
D.    Create accounts within the Microsoft Office 365 Ad min Portal.

Answer: C

You are the technology director for a company that plans to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. You are researching the licensing options and are currently considering Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business edition. Which two statements accurately describe using this edition? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Business Edition is optimized for organizations that have over 1,000 employees.
B.    Business Edition is optimized for enterprises that use local Microsoft Dynamics AX environments.
C.    Business Edition is optimized for organizations that want to host all services in the cloud.
D.    Business Edition is optimized for organizations with 250 employees or less.

Answer: CD

You are a network services provider for a small sales organization. The company has no on-premises database for its users and is a complete Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment. You need to create user accounts for the sales staff for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Where should you create these accounts?

A.    Active Directory Federated Services.
B.    Microsoft Office 365 administrator portal.
C.    Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal.
D.    Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator portal.

Answer: B

You work as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for Microsoft Partner. You need to ensure that a section on the contact entity form is hidden when the form is displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablet application. The section should be visible when the form is displayed in a web browser. Which option should you use?

A.    Create a business rule.
B.    Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM main form using JavaScript.
C.    Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile form using JavaScript.
D.    Create a record creation and update rule.

Answer: B

How many dashboards can be configured to be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets?

A.    multiple system and multiple user dashboards
B.    one system and multiple user dashboards
C.    one system and one user dashboard
D.    multiple system dashboards only

Answer: A

You are the technology director for a large corporation that is preparing for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. You are deciding which type of licensing to purchase. Your users will only be performing time and expense entry, and record updates. What is the most cost-effective licensing model available for these users?

A.    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Enterprise edition
B.    Enterprise Edition Plan 2
C.    Team Members Enterprise subscription
D.    Enterprise Edition Plan 1

Answer: C

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