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You have an X++ class, which has the following code:
You need to call checkBOM() method of the BomHierarchyCheck class from a static method class. Which code should you write within the static method to achieve this goal?


Answer: D

You want to have a form where you can display an image in a fast tab. Which type of sub-pattern should you apply to the fast tab?

A.    Horizontal fields and Button group
B.    Section tiles
C.    Custom filters
D.    Image preview

Answer: C

You create a privilege to maintain vendor information. To which two elements can you add the privilege? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    policies
B.    roles
C.    duties
D.    permissions

Answer: BD

You have tables named Table1 and Table2 The tables have a relation to each other. You need to display data from both of the tables in a form. How should you create the data source for the form?

A.    Add both of the tables into a perspective, and use the perspective as the data source.
B.    Create a new table named Table3 that has a relation to Tablel and to Table2, and use Table3 as the data source.
C.    Add both of the tables into a query, and use the query as the data source.
D.    Add both of the tables into a map, and use the map as the data source.

Answer: C

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