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You plan to migrate an on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You have access to a recent Microsoft SQL backup (.bak) file for the on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and you have moved all customizations over to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. What should you do?

A.    Upload the .bak file to Microsoft Azure.
Migrate data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM online by using the data Loader service.
B.    Export data from the on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM database as.csv files.
Import the data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by using the Import Data Wizard.
C.    Export all customizations and data as an unmanaged solution.
Import the solution into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
D.    Import the .bak file into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by using the Import Data Wizard.

Answer: B

You have enabled field level security on the Birthday field for the contact entity. Only system administrators can see the data on the birthday field for existing contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. What will non-system administrator users see in the Birthday field for tracked contacts by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client?

A.    The Birthday field will be populated with dashes (-).
B.    Users will see the birthday for contacts they own.
C.    The Birthday field will be populated with asterisks (*).
D.    The Birthday field will be blank.

Answer: D

Your company has a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 environment. You need to implement email synchronization. Which option is available when implementing email synchronization?

A.    Synchronization settings are configured on the user record.
B.    Incoming and outgoing synchronization methods must match.
C.    A mailbox record is automatically created for each user and queue.
D.    Forward mailboxes are automatically created when using server-side synchronization.

Answer: C

You need to activate a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance for a new subscriber. What is required?

A.    a minimum of five Professional User Subscription Licenses
B.    an active Microsoft Office 36S subscription
C.    a Volume License agreement
D.    an active Microsoft Power BI Pro subscription

Answer: A

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