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You manage a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 environment. You want to test new add-ons for your organization and you will eventually choose one of three candidate add-ons. You need to test these add-ons with a minimum amount of disruption. Which methodology should you use?

A.    Install the add-ons directly into the production environment.
B.    Use the sample database provided with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
C.    Use a trial Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance with production data.
D.    Redeploy production databases to a test environment.

Answer: A

You work as a consultant for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner. A client wants to have an Internet-facing deployment. You need to configure Internet-facing deployment for the client. What should you do?

A.    Launch the Configure Internet-Facing Deployment Wizard from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager.
B.    Launch the Configure Internet-Facing Deployment Wizard from the Active Directory server associated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment.
C.    Launch the Configure Internet-Facing Deployment Wizard from Internet Information Services (IIS).
D.    Launch the Configure Internet-Facing Deployment Wizard from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM program file directory in the utilities folder.

Answer: D

You are the primary technical resource for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises installation. While completing the discovery phase, you find that the domain is running directory service forest and domain functional level of Windows Server 2003. When you report your findings, you are informed that the organization is running legacy applications and could not upgrade functional levels when they began upgrading their servers several years ago. They understand that the software vendor has made updates and will investigate if new domain service functional levels are supported. You need to inform them of the minimally supported Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) functional level for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premises. What is the minimally supported AD DS functional level?

A.    Windows Server 2003 R2
B.    Windows Server 2008
C.    Windows Server 2008 R2
D.    Windows Server 2012

Answer: A

You are installing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Email Router. Which two operating systems are supported? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Windows Vista 64-bit
B.    Windows 7 32-bit
C.    Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit
D.    Windows Server 2012 64-bit

Answer: BD

You manage a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 organization integrated with Microsoft Exchange with server-side sync as the synchronization method. You need to send a bulk email to 1,000 contacts. The email will contain a .zip file as an attachment. Which service is responsible for processing the bulk email?

A.    Sandbox Processing Service
B.    Unzip Service
C.    Asynchronous Processing Service
D.    Email Router Service

Answer: C

Which step must be taken before an organization can be deleted?

A.    The organization must be backed up.
B.    All users need to exit the application.
C.    The website in Internet Information Service (IIS) must be stopped.
D.    The organization must be disabled.

Answer: A

You have set up a forward mailbox to process email in conjunction with server-side synchronization. You need to configure rules for multiple users who will use the forward mailbox. How can you create the mailbox rules for the individual users?

A.    Manually create a rule for each user in Microsoft Outlook.
B.    Use Deployment Manager to publish rules to multiple users.
C.    Use the bulk edit functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to change multiple user’s mailbox records to use a forward mailbox.
D.    Use the Rule Deployment Wizard with the Email Router to publish rules to multiple users.

Answer: D

Which two components are required to enable Internet-facing deployment on a Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2016 Sent, on Windows Server 2012 R2? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 3.0
B.    Enterprise administrative permissions
C.    Website configured for https only
D.    Windows Server 2012 R2 domain functional level

Answer: AB

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