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You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses server-side synchronization to process email. A manager requests that you create the mailbox records defined as shown in the following table:
You need to identify which record will fail to be created. Which record should you identify?

A.    User2
B.    User3
C.    User1
D.    User4

Answer: A

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft SharePoint for document management by using server-side synchronization. You need to identity which SharePoint actions tan be performed directly from CRM. What should you identify?

A.    Modify the settings of the columns in a SharePoint list.
B.    View the document version history.
C.    Display the documents contained in the SharePoint document library.
D.    Create and manage SharePoint content types.

Answer: C

You have a quote named Quote1 that was activated and presented to a customer. You plan to take a long leave of absence. In your absence, a user named User2 will take ownership of Quote1. You need to transfer ownership of Quote1 to User2. What should you do?

A.    Click Assign and select User2.
B.    Click Close and instruct User2 to create a new quote.
C.    Click Share and select User2.
D.    Click Email a Link and select User2.

Answer: A
The Assign command changes ownership of a record. Valid for user-owned or team-owned entities.

You company employs consultants who bill customers for their time. You sales team is responsible for selling the consultants time, in addition to selling product licenses. You need to provide the sales team with the ability to create opportunities, quotes, and invoices for the consultant’s time. What should you create first?

A.    a product family
B.    a price list
C.    a product bundle
D.    a unit group

Answer: B

You recently visited a trade show and you interacted with many potential customers. As a vendor of the trade show, you receive a CSV file that contains detailed information about the 643 attendees who showed interest in your products. You need to efficiently and accurately input this information into Dynamics CRM for future use in the sales process. Which method should you use?

A.    Import the details as new activates.
B.    Import the details as new leads.
C.    Update opportunities to reflect new prospects.
D.    Import the information as part of a solution file.

Answer: B

You have a recalled product that should no longer be sold. You need to remove the. Product from the available list of products and to prevent any sales from being processed for the product. Which two actions should you perform? (Choose two.)

A.    Remove the product from the family hierarchy.
B.    Modify the open opportunities.
C.    Update the price list.
D.    Retire the product.
E.    Modify the validity date of the product.

Answer: AB

User1 is the owner of the Specialists team. User2 adds a case that she owns to the Specialists team’s queue. Who now owns the case?

A.    The Specialists team
B.    The owner of the Specialist team’s queue
C.    User1
D.    User2

Answer: D

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