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You work for a hotel chain. You integrate Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Engagement. You need to identify which sources are available for Microsoft Social Engagement. What are two possible sources? (Choose two.)

A.    Twitter
B.    Facebook
C.    Trip Advisor
D.    Instagram

Answer: AB
Your customers and stakeholders are talking about you on Facebook, Twitter, or blogs. How do you learn about it? In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can get powerful social insights by connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Social Engagement. Microsoft Social Engagement collects data from social media websites and presents it to you in charts and graphs that you can use to spot emerging trends in people’s comments, whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral.

You have a quote named Quote1 that is sent to a customer. The customer approves the quote. You generate an order from Quote1. You need to identify the status of the order. What should you identify?

A.    Invoiced
B.    Ready
C.    Draft
D.    Canceled
E.    Active

Answer: E
There can be 5 different values for Order Status – Active, Cancelled, Fulfilled, Invoiced and Submitted.
A sales order is a quote that has been accepted. This entity is called an order in CRM. An invoice is an order that has been billed.

You work for a company named Fabrikam, Inc. Fabrikam is acquired by a company named Contoso, Ltd. Both companies have different fiscal year ends. The sales team at Fabrikam will be required to use a new fiscal year end at the end of the current quarter. The Dynamics CRM administrator at Fabrikam updates the Fiscal Year Settings immediately. You need to ensure that reports on the goals use the Fabrikam year and until the end of the quartet. What should you do?

A.    Run the Align with Fiscal Period action immediately.
B.    Recalculate the goals.
C.    Run the Align with Fiscal Period action after the quarter ends.
D.    Create new goals for the old fiscal period.

Answer: C

Your company wants to integrate the Microsoft Yammer enterprise subscription and the Dynamics CRM organization. The managers at the company are cornered about potential data from CRM being visible to users who do not have a CRM account. They want to limit which user can see post in CRM. In Yammer, you can create a private group named CRM Posts, and you connect CRM to the CRM Posts group. Users report that they fail to see posts in Yammer that are created in CRM. You need to identity what prevents the users from seeing the posts. What should you identity?

A.    The users are not added to the CRM Posts group in Yammer.
B.    The posts are not being shared with the team of the users.
C.    The security role assigned to the users does not provide access to yammer posts.
D.    The users are not following any records.

Answer: B

The base currency for your Dynamics CRM organization is US dollars. You have an order that has a transaction currency in euros. You need to identify which events will cause the exchange rate for the order to be recalculated. Which two events should you identity? (Choose two.)

A.    The currency of the order record is updated.
B.    The exchange rates are updated in CRM.
C.    The order record is opened.
D.    The record state of the order record changes.

Answer: CD

You plan to export sales data that will be used in the annual report of your company. You need to provide a copy of some of the sales data to the company stakeholders. Which format can you use to export the data?

A.    Adobe PDF
B.    Microsoft Word
C.    Microsoft PowerPoint
D.    Microsoft Visio

Answer: A

You call a potential customer to discuss one of your company’s products. During the call, you discover that the potential customer is uninterested in the product. You need to document the conversation and your decision not to pursue the potential customer any further. What should you do?

A.    Detail the conversation in a note and attach the note to a lead.
B.    Create a lead, track the activity, and then mark the lead as Disqualified.
C.    Create an opportunity, track the activity, and then close the opportunity as Lost.
D.    Detail the conversation in a note and attach the note to an opportunity.

Answer: B
The lead entity can have the state of Disqualified out of the following reasons:
– Lost
– Cannot Contact
– No Longer Interested
– Canceled

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