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Your Dynamics CRM organization uses Microsoft Yammer. You plan in enable integration with Yammer to replace the default CRM activity feeds. You need to identify which security rights are required to enable the integration. Which two security rights should you identify? (Choose two.)

A.    Dynamics CRM administrator
B.    Dynamics CRM System Customizer
C.    Yammer administrator
D.    Microsoft SharePoint administrator
E.    Microsoft Office 365 administrator

Answer: AC
Yammer Prerequisites:
– (A) Make sure you have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
– (C) You’ll also need to have verified system administrator privileges for your organization’s Yammer account, plus both the Write Organization and Configure Yammer privileges. If you’re not an administrator, by default these privileges aren’t available, and must be added.
– Before your organization can use Yammer in CRM, your organization needs to buy Yammer enterprise licenses.
– Install the most recent product updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
– Meet browser and system requirements.

You need to create a quarterly goal to measure completed phone calls regarding open opportunities. Which three components should you use? (Choose three.)

A.    a calculated field
B.    a goal metric that has the Amount metric type
C.    a rollup field
D.    a rollup query
E.    a goal metric that has the Count metric type

Answer: CDE

You have an opportunity that has three open activities. The opportunity record and the activity records are owned by a user named User1. User1 assigns the opportunity to a user named User2. You need to identify what occurs to the ownership of the records. What should you identify?

A.    User1 remains the owner of the opportunity and the activities.
B.    User1 remains the owner of the opportunity.
User2 becomes the owner of the activities.
C.    User2 becomes the owner of the opportunity and the activities.
D.    User2 becomes the owner of the opportunity.
User1 remains the owner of the activities.

Answer: C

You have 20 sales representatives who each has a monthly goal that measures the number of phone calls made to their 10 key customers. The managers of the sale representatives want you to add parent goals that track this activity over the next three weeks for an internal competition. You need to use a parent goal to track the team score, and child goals to track the individual secures. Which two of configurations should you perform? (Choose two.)

A.    Create new child goals that all use the same rollup queries.
B.    Change the parent goal of each child goal.
C.    Create a parent goal that has a custom period of three weeks from today.
D.    Change the manager of each child goal.
E.    Change the goal manager of each child goal.

Answer: BC

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft Social Engagement. You need to analyze the sales pipeline and the social sentiment to watch for social trends that affect sales. What should you do?

A.    Configure a link to CRM in Microsoft Social Engagement, and then build an interactive dashboard.
B.    Build a dashboard that has a chart for the pipeline and a widget from Microsoft Social Engagement.
C.    Build a multi-stream dashboard that has a global filter.
D.    Configure a link to CRM in Microsoft Social Engagement, and then build a personal view.

Answer: B
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users can add Microsoft Social Engagement charts and visuals to dashboards, or you can add them to account, contact, or competitor screens. You can also add Microsoft Social Engagement charts and visuals to other types of records.

You have Dynamics CRM organization that has 50,000 contacts in regions around the world. Your job is to review the records of the contacts from three regions. The contacts in the three regions are managed by different account managers. You work with only one of the regions per day, updating the address information of the contacts in that region. You need to view only the contacts from a specific region. What should you do?

A.    Follow the contact records.
B.    Add access teams.
C.    Create a dashboard.
D.    Create personal views.

Answer: D

For a customer invoice named Inv1 is created automatically from an order named Ord1. The customer asks you to add a hat delivery charge as a line item to the invoice. You do not have a delivery charge in the product catalog. You need to add the delivery charge as a line in the invoice. What should you click first?

A.    Get Products
B.    Write-in Product
C.    Use Current Pricing
D.    Recalculate

Answer: C

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