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You manage Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a company. Some Office 365 users do not have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 license. You need to ensure that all users can see tasks that are associated with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunity record. What should you implement?

A.    Microsoft OneNote integration
B.    Microsoft OneDrive integration
C.    Microsoft Share Point integration
D.    Microsoft Office 365 groups

Answer: D

You add a new entity named Parts to Microsoft Dynamics 365. You need to grant all users that have the Salesperson security role read access to the Parts entity. Which tab of the Security Role page should you use?

A.    Business Management
B.    Missing Entities
C.    Custom Entities
D.    Customization

Answer: C

Users need to be able to embed Microsoft Power Bl visuals into personal dashboards. What should you do?

A.    Enable server-based integration with Power Bl.
B.    Add Power Bl as a report category.
C.    Enable Power Bl visualization embedding.
D.    Grant users Power Bl reporting permissions.

Answer: C

You enable folder-level tracking functionality for all users. A user named User1 creates a folder named Dynamics 365 underneath her in box. User1 moves emails into the Dynamics 365 folder. User1 reports that the emails are not being tracked. You need to resolve the issue. What should you do?

A.    Ensure that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook client is installed.
B.    Configure server-side synchronization for Microsoft Exchange.
C.    Ensure that Microsoft Exchange rules are created.
D.    Instruct the user to create a folder tracking rule.

Answer: D

You assign security roles to an owner team and each user on the team. What effect does the security role that is assigned to the team have on the individual team members?

A.    The permissions for the user are used instead of those of the team.
B.    The user is granted the least restrictive permissions of the two roles.
C.    The permissions for the team are used instead of those of the user.
D.    The user is granted the most restrictive permissions of the two roles.

Answer: B

You plan to create a field for an entity to capture data in a consistent format. When a user adds a record for the entity, the choices provided to the user for the field often change or become outdated. The choices must not be available for new records. You need to create the field while minimizing the administrative overhead to maintain the field. Which field type should you use?

A.    global option set
B.    single line of text
C.    local option set
D.    lookup

Answer: C

You need to add the status reason Duplicate to the status value Cancelled for the case entity. What should you do?

A.    Add the value to the Cancelled list of the Status field.
B.    Add the value to the Cancelled list of the Status Reason field.
C.    Using status reason transitions, add the value to the Cancelled status.
D.    Using status reason transitions, add the value to the Cancelled status reason.

Answer: D

You plan to integrate data from an external system into Microsoft Dynamics 365. You need to create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 field to use for matching records from the external system. What should you create?

A.    calculated field
B.    global option set
C.    rollup field
D.    alternate key

Answer: D

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