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Which two field types can you configure as rollup fields? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    single line of text
B.    floating point number
C.    date and time
D.    decimal number

Answer: BD

For which of the following scenarios can you delete an entity?

A.    The entity is custom and uses a system*defined global option set.
B.    The entity is part of a managed solution and no other items are dependent upon the entity.
C.    The entity is part of an unmanaged solution and another unmanaged entity has a lookup field to the entity on one form.
D.    The entity is system defined and no other items are dependent upon the entity.

Answer: A

You plan to delete a custom entity from an unmanaged solution. Which of the following statements is true?

A.    You must delete the solution that contains the entity.
B.    You can only delete the entity from managed solutions.
C.    You must delete all records related to the entity from the database.
D.    You must remove any dependencies with other objects.

Answer: D

You plan to entity mapping to replicate data from a text field between two related entities. For which scenario can you replicate data?

A.    The target field is already mapped to a different source field.
B.    The length of the source field is smaller than the destination field.
C.    The two entities are in a N:N relationship.
D.    The new record is created and then related to the parent record.

Answer: B

You need to display data that is referenced by a lookup field on a form. Which option should you use?

A.    Quick Find View
B.    Associated View
C.    Quick View
D.    Public View

Answer: C

You add a lookup for contacts to the case form. You need to display the most recent primary phone number for a contact on the case form while minimizing administrative effort. What should you do?

A.    Use a workflow to copy the phone number to a new field on the case when the contact changes.
B.    Use a quick view form to display the phone number.
C.    Use a web resource to query and display the phone number.
D.    Use field mapping during record creation to copy the phone number to a new field on the case.

Answer: B

Which two form areas allow you to read from and write to all visible fields? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Header
B.    Body
C.    Navigation
D.    Footer

Answer: AB

Which statement regarding ordering of items in the mobile navigation menu is ture?

A.    Menu item placement is governed by mobile offline settings.
B.    Menu item placement is based on the site map.
C.    Most recently used entities appear first.
D.    Menu items are displayed in alphabetical order.

Answer: B

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