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You implement the Unified Service Desk (USD). Which three statements regarding the debugger are true? (Choose THREE.)

A.    The debugger allows you to review data parameters from static log files.
B.    The debugger allows you to review real-time data parameters.
C.    The debugger allows you to review action calls from static log files.
D.    The debugger is a USD hosted control.
E.    The debugger allows you to review real-time action calls.
F.    The debugger is a standalone tool.

Answer: ACE

What is a limitation of the Field Service mobile app?

A.    Windows 10 phones do not support the app.
B.    You cannot work offline.
C.    GPS locations are not available.
D.    You cannot create follow-ups.

Answer: C

Which of the following records can you convert into a case?

A.    task
B.    queue
C.    lead
D.    opportunity

Answer: A

You are creating a new knowledge base article about a known product defect. After publishing the article, you discover an inaccuracy. You need to correct the issue while maintaining a traceable history of what was published. What should you do?

A.    Use the update article option.
B.    Revert the article to draft status, fix the error, and then republish the article.
C.    Delete and recreate the article.
D.    Publish a minor revision to the article.

Answer: A

Which two security roles are created when you install the Field Service application? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Field Service Administrator
B.    Field Service Dispatcher
C.    Field Service Representative
D.    Field Service Read Only

Answer: AB

You need to provide quick ad-hoc analysis of data from within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. Which Export to Excel option should you use?

A.    Excel Online
B.    Static Worksheet
C.    Dynamic Worksheet
D.    Dynamic Pivot Table

Answer: A

You use the interactive service hub to manage cases. Users report that they have difficulty finding a specific knowledge base article when they initiate a search from within a case. You need to ensure that search returns relevant results. What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Relate the article to one or more categories.
B.    Relate the article to a more relevant subject.
C.    Update the article description.
D.    Add additional keywords.

Answer: AC

You ship a replacement part to a customer. The customer reports that they receive the incorrect part. You need to initiate a process to return the product to the warehouse. What should you do?

A.    Create a new return merchandise authorization (RMA) record.
B.    Create a new return to vendor (RTV) record.
C.    Create a new Agreement record.
D.    Create a new Inventory Adjustment record.

Answer: A

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