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You need to install and configure the Unified Service Desk (USD) client. What should you do?

A.    Import the USD client as a solution.
B.    You must manually install the client.
C.    Deploy the USD client from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 server.
D.    Enable the USD client from System Settings.

Answer: B

You are attempting to resolve a case. For which situation will the system display a prompt before reaching the Case Resolution window?

A.    The case has a service-level agreement (SLA) that was not met.
B.    The case has an open activity.
C.    The customer will exceed their entitlement allotment.
D.    The case has an open parent case.

Answer: B

You attempt to delete a queue in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You are not able to delete the queue. What are two possible reasons why you cannot delete the queue? (Choose TWO.)

A.    The queue contains a queue item.
B.    The queue has a designated email address.
C.    The queue is referenced by a routing rule.
D.    The queue has a team owner.

Answer: AD

You create a service level agreement (SLA) for cases where the case priority is critical. The SLA must display a warning after 15 minutes and fail after 30 minutes. You create a normal priority case at 16:00. You change the priority to critical at 16:15. If no action is taken, how many minutes will elapse before the SLA fails?

A.    15 minutes
B.    30 minutes
C.    45 minutes
D.    60 minutes

Answer: C

Which two actions can you perform by using entitlement channels? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Specify the number of customers allowed to use each channel.
B.    Restrict users from creating cases by using specified channels.
C.    Restrict the number of child cases allowed for each parent case with a specified channel.
D.    Specify the number of cases allowed for each channel.

Answer: AB

You implement the Unified Service Desk (USD). Which two statements are true when creating a hosted control? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Fields that display on a form vary depending on the hosted control type.
B.    You can set a default action for the control.
C.    There are five total hosted control types available.
D.    The owner for the hosted control cannot be changed.

Answer: AB

You plan to combine two cases by using the merge case process. Which option can you specify?

A.    Set a parent case.
B.    Assign the case owner.
C.    Select which case to merge into another case.
D.    Indicate which fields should be set as the master field from each case record.

Answer: C

Your organization has a custom entity. You need to ensure that the custom entity is available from the interactive service hub. Which setting for the entity should you modify?

A.    Enable for knowledge management
B.    Enable for mobile
C.    Enable for interactive experience
D.    Enable for SLA

Answer: D

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