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Your organization uses the interactive service hub to manage cases. You need to interact with records in a stream that displays active cases. Which two actions can you perform? (Choose TWO.)

A.    Add to Queue
B.    Email a Link
C.    Send Direct Email
D.    Do Not Decrement Entitlement Terms

Answer: AD

Your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 application is configured with the default setting for parent and child case You need to resolve a parent case. Which statement is true?

A.    All child cases are automatically resolved when you resolve a parent case.
B.    You must resolve each child case before you can resolve the parent case.
C.    You must merge the parent and child cases before resolving the case.
D.    You can resolve the parent and child cases independently of each other.

Answer: B

You deploy Unified Service Desk (USD). You configure a toolbar container hosted control. You need to ensure that the hosted control is aligned to a specific part of the screen by using the Realign Window action. Which three parameters can you configure? (Choose THREE.)

A.    screen
B.    resolution
C.    left
D.    client type
E.    top

Answer: ACE

Which statement defines a User Interface Integration (UH) action?

A.    the data sent to the action
B.    the signature of the action to be performed
C.    the action to be performed
D.    the trigger for an action

Answer: D

You are creating a new single-stream dashboard. You plan to filter the dashboard based on cases. Which two components can you add to the dashboard? (Choose TWO.)

A.    a tile that shows the count of open activities
B.    a stream that contains a public queue of cases
C.    a chart based on open activities
D.    a stream that shows a view of open activities

Answer: AC

You are working with the Field Service mobile app in online mode. Which two statements regarding data synchronization are true? (Choose TWO.)

A.    The user can choose when data synchronization occurs.
B.    Data continuously synchronizes with the server.
C.    You do not need to manually synchronize your device.
D.    Information is downloaded to your device.

Answer: AD

You need to merge eight similar cases. Which of the following statements is true?

A.    You can merge all eight cases at the same time.
B.    You can only merge the cases if a parent/child relationship exists between the cases.
C.    You can only merge two cases at a time.
D.    You can only merge the cases if all related activities are closed.

Answer: C

You have two similar cases. One case is named Case1 and the other is named Case2. Each case has a different parent case. You attempt to merge Case1 into Case2. What is the result to the merge process?

A.    Case1 is merged into Case2 Activities and notes are combined under Case2.
B.    The cases will not merge. Both cases will become child cases of the parent for Case2
C.    The cases will not merge. Each case will remain parented to their original records.
D.    Case1 is merged into Case2 Activities and notes are combined under Case1.

Answer: D

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