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You are a developing a SaaS application that stores data as key value pairs. You must make multiple editions of the application available. In the lowest cost edition, the performance must be best-effort, and there is no regional failover. In higher cos! editions customers must be able to select guaranteed performance and support for multiple regions. Azure costs must be minimized. Which Azure Cosmos OB API should you use for the application?

A.    Core
B.    MongoDB
C.    Cassandra
D.    Table API

Answer: C

You are developing a mobile app that uses an API which stores geospabal data in Azure Cosmos D& The app will be used to find restaurants in a particular area and related information including food types, menu information and the optimal route to a selected restaurant from the user’s current location. Which Azure Cosmos DB API should you use for the API?

A.    MongoDB
B.    Gremlin
C.    Cassandra
D.    Core

Answer: A

You are designing a web application to manage user satisfaction surveys. The number of questions that a survey includes is variable. Application users must be able to display results for a survey as quickly as possible. Users must also be able to quickly compute statistical measures including average values across various groupings of answers. Which Azure Cosmos 06 API should you use for the application?

A.    Core
B.    Mongo DB
C.    Gremlin
D.    Table API

Answer: D

You ate developing an application that allows users to find musicians that ate looking for work. The application must store information about musicians, the instruments that they play, and other related data. The application must also allow users to determine which musicians have played together, including groups of three or more musicians that have performed together at a specific location. Which Azure Cosmos D6 API should you use for the application?

A.    Core
B.    MongoDB
C.    Cassandra
D.    Gremlin

Answer: B

You deploy an API to API Management. You must secure all operations on the API by using a client certificate. You need to secure access to the backend service of the API by using client certificates. Which two security features can you use?

A.    Azure AD token.
B.    Self-signed certificate.
C.    Certificate Authority (CA) certificate.
D.    Triple DES (3DES) cipher.
E.    Subscription key.

Answer: BC

You develop an HTTP triggered Azure Function app to process Azure Storage blob data. The app is triggered using an output binding on the blob. The app continues to time out after four minutes. The app must process the blob data. You need to ensure the app does not time out and processes the blob data.
Solution: Update the functionTimeout property of the host.json project file to 10 minutes.
Does the solution meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: B
Instead pass the HTTP trigger payload into an Azure Service Bus queue to be processed by a queue trigger function and return an immediate HTTP success response.

You manage a data processing application that receives requests from an Azure Storage queue. You need to manage access to the queue. You have the following requirements:
– Provide other applications access to the Azure queue.
– Ensure that you can revoke access to the queue without having to regenerate the storage account keys.
– Specify access at the queue level and not at the storage account level.
Which type of shared access signature (SAS) should you use?

A.    Service SAS with a stored access policy.
B.    Account SAS.
C.    User Delegation SAS.
D.    Service SAS with ad hoc SAS.

Answer: A
A service SAS is secured with the storage account key. A service SAS delegates access to a resource in only one of the Azure Storage services: Blob storage, Queue storage, Table storage, or Azure Files. Stored access policies give you the option to revoke permissions for a service SAS without having to regenerate the storage account keys.

You are developing an Azure Function App that runs in an App Service Plan. The Azure Function is triggered by a Timer object. You observe that the Azure Function does not reliably trigger when scheduled. Which two actions should you perform? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that Always On is enabled.
B.    Modify the trigger to use a SignaIR trigger.
C.    Ensure that the function has a retry configured.
D.    Modify the trigger to use Consumption mode instead of the App Service plan.

Answer: AC

You are developing a complex workflow by using Azure Durable Functions. During testing you observe that the results of the workflow differ based on how many instances of the Azure Function are running. You need to resolve the issue. What should you do?

A.    Ensure that all Orchestrator code is deterministic.
B.    Read all state data from the durable function context.
C.    Configure the Azure Our able f unction to run on an App Service Plan with one instance.
D.    Implement the monitor pattern within the workflow.

Answer: A

You are developing an application to manage shipping information for cargo ships. The application will use Azure Cosmos DB for storage. The application must run offline when ships are at sea. The application must be connected to Azure when ships are in port. Which Azure Cosmos DB API should you use for the application?

A.    Core
B.    MongoDe
C.    Cassandra
D.    Gremlin

Answer: C

You are developing an application to store information about the organizational structure for a company. Users must be able to determine which people report to a particular manager, the office where employees work, and the projects that are assigned to an employee. Which Azure Cosmos DB API should you use for the application?

A.    Core
B.    Cassandra
C.    Table API
D.    Gremlin
E.    MongoDB

Answer: E

You ate designing a small app that will receive web requests containing encoded geographic coordinates. Calls to the app will occur infrequently. Which compute solution should you recommend?

A.    Azure Functions
B.    Azure App Service
C.    Azure Batch
D.    Azure API Management

Answer: B

Your company has several containers based on the following operating systems:
– Windows Server 2019 Nano Server
– Windows Server 2019 Server Core
– Windows Server 2022 Nano Server
– Windows Server 2022 Server Core
– Linux
You plan to migrate the containers to an Azure Kubernetes cluster. What is the minimum number of node pools that the cluster must have?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    6

Answer: C

You develop and deploy an Azure App Service web app to a production environment. You enable the Always On setting and the Application Insights site extensions. You deploy a code update and receive multiple failed requests and exceptions in the web app. You need to validate the performance and failure counts of the web app in near real time. Which Application Insights tool should you use?

A.    Snapshot Debugger
B.    Profiler
C.    Smart Detection
D.    Live Metrics Stream
E.    Application Map

Answer: C

You are developing an application to store and retrieve data in Azure Blob storage. The application will be hosted in an on-premises virtual machine (VM). The VM is connected to Azure by using a Site-to-Site VPN gateway connection. The application is secured by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) credentials. The application must be granted access to the Azure Blob storage account with a start time, expiry time, and read permissions. The Azure Blob storage account access must use the Azure AD credentials of the application to secure data access. Data access must be able to be revoked if the client application security is breached. You need to secure the application access to Azure Blob storage. Which security features should you use? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)


Drag and Drop
You develop and deploy a web app to Azure App Service in a production environment. You scale out the web app to four instances and configure a staging slot to support changes. You must monitor the web app in the environment to include the following requirements:
– Increase web app availability by re-routing requests away from instances with error status codes and automatically replace instances if they remain in an error state after one hour.
– Send web server logs, application logs, standard output and standard error messaging to an Azure Storage blob account.
You need to configure Azure App Service. Which values should you use? (To answer, drag the appropriate configuration value to the correct requirements. Each configuration value may be used once or more.)



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