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You are a Power Bl specialist at your organization. In your finance table, you have a column called margin, which is defined as ‘margin = revenue – cost of goods sold.’ In your company, there are several different ways people refer to margin. Some people call margin by other terms such as income, profit or profit margin. To use the Q&A feature successfully in your dashboard, you need to configure your dataset columns to enable users to type in variations for margin.
Solution: Add a detailed description of how you defined margin.
Does this solution meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: B
In the modelling section, you can add a description within the properties of a column. A description is helpful for other modellers to understand the purpose of the column. However, this description does not have any impact on how Q&A interprets synonyms.

You are a Power Bl specialist at your organization. In your inventory table, there are several different ways people refer to inventory. Some people call inventory by other terms such as stock, supply, parts or supply. To use the Q&A feature successfully in your dashboard, you need to configure your inventory table and columns.
Solution: Set the row label on the inventory table.
Does this solution meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: A
When you click on the table name in the modelling view, you can assign a row label to the column. A role label allows you to define which column best identifies a row in the table. This label assists Q&A to generate better visualisations as it knows the best column that identifies a table.

You create a parameter named DataSourceExcel that holds the file name and location of a Microsoft Excel data source. You need to update the query to reference the parameter instead of multiple hard-coded copies of the location within each query definition.
Solution: You create a new query that references DataSourceExcel.
Does this meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: B

You configure a Microsoft Power BI data model to enable users to ask natural language questions by using Q&A. You create a Date hierarchy (contains Year and Month) in the Date table to visualize Affiliate Income. When users run a query Affiliate Income by date hierarchy, they get correct results. But, when they run Affiliate Income by Calendar, they do not get any results. You have to set up the model so that the users can query the model with Affiliate Income by Calendar and get the same results. What would you do?

A.    You add a synonym to the Date hierarchy.
B.    You add a description to the Date hierarchy.
C.    You add a synonym to the Date table, as you cannot add a synonym to a hierarchy.
D.    You add a synonym to the year and month fields of the hierarchy.

Answer: A

You find an interesting visualization using the Python programming language that you want to run in Power BI. What are the three steps required before you can use Python in Power BI?

A.    Install Python on your local machine.
B.    Enable R scripting.
C.    Install the libraries matplotlib and pandas.
D.    Enable Python scripting.
E.    Install the libraries seaborn and keras.

Answer: ACD
The steps to get started with Python in Power BI are:
1.    Install Python on your local machine.
2.    Install the libraries matplotlib and pandas.
3.    Enable Python scripting.
Not B. R scripting is a separate language and has no relation with Python.
Not E. While seaborn is used for data visualization, matplotlib and pandas are required libraries for Python integration. Note that keras is a deep learning library and is not used for data visualization.

You have a table that contains sales data and approximately 1,000 rows. You need to identify outliers in the table. Which type of visualization should you use?

A.    area chart
B.    donut chart
C.    scatter plot
D.    pie chart

Answer: C

You are asked to optimize the performance of your data model. You have several intermediate queries that are not used for visualization and you have a large transactional table with a Date/Time field. What two optimizations should you do? (Choose two.)

A.    Change all relationship cross filter directions to single.
B.    Split the Date/Time field into a separate Date column and a separate time column.
C.    Turn off single select on slicers.
D.    Disable Power Query load on intermediary queries.

Answer: B,D
A Date/Time fleld has many contain unique or high cardinality values making optlmzatlon within the VertiPaq engine difficult. By splitting the Date/Time field into a separate Date and Time field, you reduce the uniqueness of the data and allow for greater storage optimization. Intermediate queries that are intended to support data integration with other queries should not be loaded into the model. To avoid loading the query to the model, ensure that you disable query load in these instances.
Not A. You should use the relationship cross filter direction to enable reporting requirements.
Not C. Single select works more efficiently than multi-select on slicers.

You are the Power Bl administrator at your company which builds VR headsets. You need to assign appropriate workspace roles to your colleagues and must use the lowest permission necessary to accomplish the task. Which roles should you use for the below workspace requirements?
1.    Update and delete workspaces.
2.    Publish apps.
3.    Publish content to the workspace.

A.    Member/Member/Contributor
B.    Member/Member/Viewer
C.    Admin/Member/Contributor
D.    Admin/Admin/Contributor

Answer: C
An admin can update and delete workspaces. A member can publish apps, and a contributor can publish content to the workspace.

You have a collection of reports for the HR department of your company. You need to create a visualization for the HR department that shows a historic employee counts and predicts trends during the next six months. Which type of visualization should you use?

A.    scatter chart
B.    ribbon chart
C.    line chart
D.    key influences

Answer: D

You are your company’s Power BI expert. You know that data lineage shows you which data sources are used by which datasets. One of your colleagues says he cannot access data lineage. What could be two possible explanations for data lineage not working?

A.    Only admins can see the lineage view.
B.    You need a Power BI Pro license to see lineage view.
C.    Lineage only works for DirectQuery datasets.
D.    Lineage view is available only to users with higher than Viewer access to the workspace.
E.    Each user needs to be granted lineage view permission in the tenant settings.

Answer: BD
For lineage to work, you need to ensure you have a Power BI Pro license and you have access to the workspace. Furthermore, users must have an Admin, Member, or Contributor role in the workspace. Users with a Viewer role can’t switch to lineage view.
Not A. Users with Admin, Member, or Contributor roles in the workspace can see lineage view.
Not C. Lineage is not limited to DirectQuery datasets.
Not E. You do not need to assign individual permissions for lineage view in the tenant settings.

You work at a sports betting company and have a table with US soccer scores and a second table with betting odds. Both tables share a common key called GameID. Your boss asks you to create a new combined table. Which transform should you use to create the dataset?

A.    Append queries as new.
B.    Append queries.
C.    Merge queries as new.
D.    Merge queries.

Answer: C

You build a report to help the sales team understand its performance and the drivers of sales. The team needs to have a single visualization to identify which factors affect success. Which type of visualization should you use?

A.    Key influences.
B.    Funnel chart.
C.    Q&A.
D.    Line and clustered column chart.

Answer: A

You create an R visual in Power BI that has 500,000 rows. You notice that not all the data is shown and a message is displayed on the image. Your boss asks you the cause of this issue. What is the reason not all data is shown?

A.    You are using a version prior to 2.0 of the plotly library.
B.    You are missing an R package.
C.    The visual has too many rows.
D.    The resolution is too high.

Answer: C
R visuals for plotting are limited to 150,000 rows. If more than 150,000 rows are selected, only the top 150,000 rows are used and a message is displayed on the image. Additionally, the input data has a limit of 250 MB. The version of the plotly will not affect the number of rows. All R visuals are limited to 150,000 rows. If you are missing an R package, no image will show and you will only get an error message. R visuals are all displayed at a 72 DPI resolution. The resolution does not affect the number of rows that can be plotted.

You have a line chart that shows units manufactured by month. You want to add the on-time delivery metric for each month when you hover the mouse over a data point. How would you provide the additional piece of data?

A.    Add on-time delivery to the drill through fields.
B.    Add the on-time delivery column to the secondary values field.
C.    Add on-time delivery column to the tooltips field.
D.    Add the on-time delivery column to the small multiples field.

Answer: C
A tooltip is a way of providing more contextual information and detail to data points on a visual. When you hover over a data point, the tooltip data will show. Answer A is incorrect. Drillthrough fields do not show on hover. When report readers use a drillthrough, they right-click a data point in other report pages, and drillthrough to the focused page to get details that is filtered to that context. Answer B is incorrect. A secondary values field is used to show other numeric data on a line chart. Answer B is incorrect. Small multiple is used to split your visuals into multiple smaller visuals, based on your selected fields.

You have a data model that contains many complex DAX expressions. The expressions contain frequent references to the related and relatedtable functions. You need to recommend a solution to minimize the use of the related and relatedtable functions. What should you recommend?

A.    Merge tables by using Power Query.
B.    Hide unused columns in the model.
C.    Split the model into multiple models.
D.    Transpose.

Answer: A

What is NOT part of the Power BI Service dashboard theme?

A.    Dark.
B.    Light.
C.    Color-blind friendly.
D.    Custom.
E.    Tab-order friendly.

Answer: E
In Power BI Service you can adjust a dashboards theme to one of four options: Light, Dark, Color-blind friendly and custom JSON. Tab-order is created in a report under Selection -> Tab order and is not a theme.

Your client has asked you whether you can create data alerts for all of the key visuals on your dashboard. Which two visuals can you NOT create a data alert? (Choose two.)

A.    Funnel chart.
B.    KPI chart.
C.    Stacked column chart.
D.    Gauge chart.
E.    Card chart.

Answer: AC
Alerts can only be set on gauges, KPIs, and cards. A funnel and a stacked column chart do not support alerts.

Your boss has scrolled through the Theme Gallery on the website https://community.powerbi.com/. She asks you to use a particular theme for your company’s report in Power BI Service. How do you incorporate the theme in your report?

A.    Download the JSON file and in Custom Dashboard theme -> Upload JSON theme.
B.    Download the CSS file and in Custom Dashboard theme -> Upload CSS theme.
C.    Download the PNG file and right-click on a tile -> Upload PNG theme.
D.    Download the PDF flle and rtght-cllck on the dashboard -> Upload PDF theme.

Answer: A
You can download a JSON file from the theme gallery. To import the theme into Power BI service, select Upload JSON theme in the Custom Dashboard theme window. Themes are only in JSON format. All other file formats such as CSS, PNG or PDF will not work.

You work for a computer accessories company and your data model contains the following tables:
1.    Accessories table: 1k rows that are updated monthly.
2.    Sales table: 15M rows that are updated regularly with changes that need to be shown immediately.
3.    Date table: 10k rows that are updated rarely.
For the three tables ABOVE, which storage mode should you use from the below options?
–    Import
–    DirectQuery
–    Dual

A.    Accessories: Import/Sales: DirectQuery/Date: Dual
B.    Accessories: Import/Sales: DirectQuery/Date: Import
C.    Accessories: DirectQuery/Sales: Import/Date: DirectQuery
D.    Accessories: Dual/Sales: Import/Date: DirectQuery

Answer: B
For the accessories and date table you should use the import storage model. Imported tables with this setting are cached. Queries submitted to the Power BI dataset that return data from Import tables can be fulfilled only from cached data. The import method is used for static or low volume data. The sales table should use the DirectQuery storage mode. Tables with this setting are not cached. Queries that you submit to the Power BI dataset from DirectQuery tables can be fulfilled only by executing on-demand queries to the data source. Use DirectQuery when you have a large data set with millions of rows that need to be shown immediately in the report. You should not use the dual storage model. Dual storage tables can act as either cached or not cached, depending on the context of the query that’s submitted to the Power BI dataset.

You work for a consulting company that has a contract with a large government department. Part of the requirements for the report is to configure the page for use with a screen reader for sight-impaired users. What should you configure in your report such that the page follows a logical sequence?

A.    Bookmarks.
B.    Tab order.
C.    Filters on all pages.
D.    Layer order.

Answer: B
The tab order is used by keyboard users to navigate the report page. Screen reader and accessibility software follow the sequence of tab order. You should not use bookmarks on your report for this purpose. Bookmarks save the current filters and slicers, cross-highlighted visuals, sort order. You should not use Filters on all pages. Filters select a subset of your data and do not help with accessibility. You should not use layer order. The layer order is used to control the order in which visuals are shown and is used if you visuals that overlap.


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