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As part of the month-end financial closing process, a company uses a batch job to copy all orders into a staging database. The staging database is used to calculate any outstanding amounts owed by clients, and must process all historical data. You need to ensure that only the data affected during the month is included in the integration process. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Use change tracking on the orders and run the integration to retrieve new orders and the orders that have the total amount changed in the last month.
B.    Create a system view with the orders that have the Modified On field in the last month and run the integration on this subset.
C.    Use change tracking on the order lines and run the integration every week and retrieve only the order lines that have been created or deleted in the last month.
D.    Create a system view with the order lines that have the Modified On field in the last month and run the integration on this subset.

Answer: CD
C: The change tracking feature in Microsoft Dataverse provides a way to keep the data synchronized in an efficient manner by detecting what data has changed since the data was initially extracted or last synchronized. Deletions and creations are tracked.
D: On modified Order Lines, not on Modified Orders.

A company is creating a one-way integration from the Common Data Service to an external system. Data will be sent from a webhook to an Azure Function. You need to configure the Azure Function to handle data from the webhook. Which class and data type must the Azure Function handle?

A.    RemoteExecutionContext in .NET binary format.
B.    RemoteExecutionContext in JSON format.
C.    RemoteExecutionContext in XML format.
D.    IPIuginExecutionContext in JSON format.
E.    IPIuginExecutionContext in XML format.

Answer: B
The body will contain string that represents the JSON value of an instance of the RemoteExecutionContext class.

A company is migrating from an on-premises Dynamics 365 installation to a Power Platform solution. You are creating plug-ins for the new solution. You need to register the plug-ins. Which isolation mode should you use?

A.    None
B.    Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
C.    Sandbox
D.    Disk

Answer: C
You will find options related to the isolation mode and location for the assembly. These refer to options that apply to on-premise deployments. Dataverse is not available for on-premises deployments, so you will always accept the default options of SandBox and Database for these options.

An organization uses a public-facing Power Apps portal. You need to change the layout of a specific web page. What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Select the Portal Management app and then select Edit.
B.    Select the Portal Management app and then select Play.
C.    Select the portal app and then select Manage.
D.    Select the portal app and then select Edit.

Answer: AD

You are developing a model-driven app. The app uses data from two custom tables. The tables have a parent-child relationship. The parent record form contains a subgrid that displays the child records. When creating a new child record from the parent form, data must automatically populate in the child record form to reduce data input errors. You need to implement the solution. What should you do?

A.    Use a Power Automate flow to read data from the parent record and update the child record upon creation.
B.    Map table columns from the parent record to the child record.
C.    Create a business rule that sets the default values on the child record fields to values from the parent record.
D.    Include a quick view form on the child record showing the data from the parent record.

Answer: B
A subgrid exists within a main form and let app users view data within a Dataverse table, typically related to the record currently being reviewed.

You are developing a Power Platform solution for a medical practice. You create a custom table named Doctors to record details about the doctors who work at the medical practice. You must be able to attach a PDF copy of a doctor’s medical license to the row for each doctor. You need to configure the table. What should you do?

A.    Create a Power Automate flow to add attachments.
B.    Navigate to Table options and enable attachments.
C.    Navigate to Column options and enable attachments.
D.    Create relationships between the Doctor table and the Notes table.

Answer: C
A file column is used for storing file data up to a specified maximum size. A custom or customizable table can have zero or more file columns plus a notes (annotation) collection with zero to one attachment in each note.

You plan to populate records in a Common Data Service entity containing an option set field. The source system has the label for the option set but not the corresponding integer value. You are using a non .NET programming language. You need to find the integer value for the option set. What should you do?

A.    Use Web API and use a PicklistAttibuteMetadata request.
B.    Use the Organization service and execute a RetrieveOptionSetRequest request.
C.    Use Web API and use an InsertOptionValue action.
D.    Use the Organization service and execute a RetrieveAttributeRequest request.

Answer: B
You can retrieve a global choice (option set) by name (label) using the RetrieveOptionSetRequest message.

You create a Power Automate flow that retrieves data from a proprietary database. You need to ensure that the flow works for other users. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Share a view with users.
B.    Share the custom connector with users.
C.    Share the flow with users.
D.    Share the environment by giving permissions to the users.

Answer: BC
Share the flow and the custom connector with users.

You are creating a model-driven app. A JavaScript function must be manually initiated by the user from within an entity form. You need to add a button to the form to run the JavaScript. What should you do?

A.    Use the Ribbon Workbench.
B.    Edit the SiteMap.
C.    Edit the XML for the form.
D.    Edit ISV.Config.
E.    Export the ribbon definitions.

Answer: A
How to add JavaScript to existing button in Ribbon WorkBench. Open Ribbon workbench and Right click on Assign button from Account form and click on Customize Button. Add Enable rule and call Javascript function.

You are creating a canvas app for a bank. Consumers will enter information into the app when they apply for a loan. The input form for the app must display fields to prompt the consumer for their first name, last name, address, and the requested loan amount. Immediately after a consumer enters a value for the LoanAmount field, the background color for the column must change. The background color for the column must change to red if a consumer enters a value of more than $5,000 and must turn green for values less than or equal to $5,000. You need to implement the required behavior. Which option should you use?

A.    Create a Power Automate flow.
B.    Configure field properties.
C.    Add a business rule to the form.
D.    Add a formula to the LoanAmount field.

Answer: D
Conditional formatting in Power Apps can be done with formulas.

You are creating a Power Automate flow. You create an Azure Service Bus listener app that receives requests from a third-party application. When the flow calls the message queue, it must delete the message as soon as it is read. You need to ensure that the queue is cleared properly. Which method or class should you use?

A.    ReceiveMode
B.    BrokeredMessage
C.    EventHubReceiver
D.    EventHubSender

Answer: A

You are designing an integration between Dataverse and an external application. The external application processes thousands of records per day. Record processing volumes vary throughout the day. Extremely high processing volumes may occur and may exceed the Dataverse service protection API limits. You need to implement each service protection limit that is enforced. Which implementations should you use? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)


Drag and Drop
You are a Power Platform developer. Users report several access issues. You need to resolve the user access issues. What should you use? (To answer, drag the appropriate security options to the correct scenarios. Each security option may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)



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