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You need to ensure that the estimated revenue for your opportunity is calculated correctly based on the most recent territory price list and the associated products. Which method should you use to configure the opportunity pricing?

A.    User Provided
B.    Automatic Recalculation
C.    System Calculated
D.    Current Pricing

Answer: C

A customer with an open opportunity selects one of your company’s competitors. You need to change the status of this opportunity so that the opportunity no longer shows in Open Opportunities. What should you do?

A.    Mark all activities on the opportunity as complete.
B.    Close the opportunity as lost.
C.    Change the estimated revenue to zero.
D.    Activate all draft quotes related to the opportunity.

Answer: B

You are the team lead in a large call center. You want to know the originating source for the majority of your team’s cases. You need a report that includes the following information:
– The number of cases each of your team members owns by Origin (Phone, Email, Web)
– The percentage of cases owned as a proportion of total cases by Origin
Which report should you use?

A.    Service Analysis Report
B.    Customer Service Maintenance Report
C.    Neglected Cases
D.    Case Summary Table

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the business process flow in the opportunity form?

A.    To show other users who are collaborating on the opportunity
B.    To provide a sales script for the salesperson to use when speaking to a potential customer
C.    To show the current stage in the sales lifecycle
D.    To enforce entry of mandatory fields

Answer: C

You create a chart on your personal dashboard. The chart displays the service technician’s monthly goals for case resolution. You need to make this chart available on another dashboard. What should you do?

A.    In the other dashboard, select the existing chart.
B.    Export the chart. Import the chart into Charts under the case entity.
Go to the dashboard entity, and add the chart to the dashboard.
C.    Share the chart from your personal dashboard to the case entity, and add the chart to the system service dashboard.
D.    Share the chart from your personal dashboard to the system service dashboard.

Answer: B

You want to aggregate customer feedback from social websites in order to identify buying trends and customer opinions toward your company’s product. Which tool should you use in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A.    Microsoft Social Listening, in order to monitor social media channels
B.    Cases, in order to see and respond to negative social mentions
C.    Marketing Campaigns, in order to provide visibility to social feeds
D.    Activity feeds, in order to view interactions on the social pane

Answer: A

You are a marketing specialist. You receive an email message from a prospective client who was referred to your company by a current client. You need to add the client to Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that a salesperson can follow up with the potential client. After tracking the email message, what should you do?

A.    Convert the email message to an opportunity, and assign it to a salesperson.
B.    Convert the email message to a lead, and assign it to a salesperson.
C.    Create a task, and set the Regarding field to the existing customer who referred the potential client.
D.    Create a new account for the potential client and assign a follow-up phone call activity to a salesperson.

Answer: B

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