Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application Exam Questions with VCE and PDF for Free Download (Question 43 – Question 49)

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You choose a case from the customer support queue. Your company mandates that all requests with customers be tracked regardless of the outcome. You call the customer and learn that the case was submitted on your company’s customer portal by mistake. What should you do?

A.    Cancel the case.
B.    Delete the case.
C.    Resolve the case.
D.    Reactivate the case.

Answer: C

You are responsible for creating and managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base templates and articles. A user wants an image to be added to a Knowledge Base article. What should you do?

A.    Create a web resource, and add it to the Knowledge Base template.
B.    Insert the image into the Knowledge Base template.
C.    Copy and paste the image into the Knowledge Base article.
D.    Drag and drop the image onto the Knowledge Base article.

Answer: A

You are a customer service representative. You receive an inbound request for support for a product support request. You need to create a new case to document the request. What should you do?

A.    Use the quick view form to create the case.
B.    Create and close a phone call activity, and then convert it to a case.
C.    Create a lead, and convert it to a case.
D.    Use the quick create form to create a case.

Answer: D

An entitlement for a customer has a status of Active. You need to make changes to the entitlement. What should you do before making the changes?

A.    Renew the entitlement.
B.    Deactivate the entitlement.
C.    Click Edit in the Action pane.
D.    Cancel the entitlement.

Answer: B

Your organization uses territories in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage sales. You need to ensure that all sales managers and sales people are associated with the correct territories. What should you do?

A.    Add a sales manager and the relevant sales people as members to each territory.
B.    Add a territory to each sales person’s record, and add the sales manager and territory to each opportunity record.
C.    Add the relevant sales people to each territory record, and make the sales manager the owner of the territory record.
D.    Add a sales manager to each territory record and to each sales person’s user record.

Answer: A

Your manager needs an analysis that contains four views and three charts. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. (Choose two.)

A.    Create one dashboard.
B.    Create a Report Wizard Report.
C.    Create an SSRS report.
D.    Create two dashboards.

Answer: CD

A customer purchases a widget at retail price. Another customer purchases the same product at wholesale price. What should you create to enable both customers to pay the correct amount?

A.    One retail and one wholesale price list
B.    One retail and one wholesale product
C.    One retail price list with two product price list items
D.    One retail price list and one discount list

Answer: A

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