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You need to add a product brochure to Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that users can send the brochure via email to potential customers. Which record type should you add the brochure to?

A.    Sales literature
B.    Competitor
C.    Product
D.    Marketing list

Answer: A

Your customer requests that deliveries be made on Thursdays only. You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet this requirement. What should you create?

A.    A new site with a weekly schedule for Thursdays only
B.    A new resource group linked to the service for the customer
C.    Service preferences on the customer record
D.    A business closure for every day except Thursday

Answer: C

You have a potential sale with a prospect that you met at a trade show. You enter the prospect as a lead in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. How should you move the lead forward to track the potential sale?

A.    Enter products into the Lead Form.
B.    Close the lead as won.
C.    Qualify the lead.
D.    Activate the lead.

Answer: C

You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to use a special service level agreement (SLA) for selected customers. Which action should you perform?

A.    Select the SLA in the cases for the selected customers.
B.    Select the SLA in the entitlements for the selected customers.
C.    Select the SLA and then use the Set as Default function.
D.    Select the SLA on the customer account for the selected customers.

Answer: B

Your company’s support process has the following two business requirements:
– New cases that are marked as high priority automatically move to an escalation stage when first opened.
– New cases with no priority move to the research stage.
What should you configure to meet these business requirements?

A.    Two business process flows
B.    Branching business process flow
C.    Real-time workflow process
D.    Branching business rules

Answer: B

You are the customer service manager of a call center and are performing a daily review of your team’s cases. A case record owned by a member of your team has a flag in the research stage of the business process flow. What does this indicate about the case?

A.    The user is finished with that stage.
B.    The case is at this stage.
C.    The case is ready to close.
D.    There is a required field at this stage.

Answer: B

Your organization uses business process flows to help users complete their cases. You want the stage of a business process flow to automatically change when a field value is set to research complete. What should you add?

A.    Business rule
B.    Branch
C.    Workflow
D.    Conditional step

Answer: A

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