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You create a new service level agreement (SLA) and enter the amount of time that is allowed for it. You need to send an email message to the user assigned to a case when the time limit of the SLA is about to be exceeded. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. (Choose two.)

A.    Configure the Warning Actions on the SLA item record.
B.    Specify the Applicable When conditions on the SLA item record.
C.    Configure the SLA Item Warning on the SLA item record.
D.    Configure the SLA Item Failure on the SLA item record.

Answer: AC

Your company’s marketing team attends a conference and collects business cards of attendees who do not already use your services. After the conference, the team enters the information from the cards into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You assign the records to the sales team so that the team can decide which products and services align with the attendees’ needs. Which common business scenario in Microsoft Dynamics CRM does this sequence of events depict?

A.    Creating contacts
B.    Supporting customers
C.    Lead qualification
D.    Creating quotes

Answer: C

You create an opportunity view and want to export the fields in the view for further analysis. You need to ensure the data can be refreshed automatically without requiring the data to be re-exported. What should you do?

A.    Open a view of the records, and export it to a dynamic worksheet.
B.    Run a report on the view, select the option to include all applicable records, and then export the results to Microsoft Excel.
C.    Run a report on the view, select the option to include all records on all pages, and export the results to Microsoft Excel.
D.    Open a view of the records, and export it to a dynamic pivot table.

Answer: A

An existing goal tracks the number of cases resolved per month. You need to enable it to show the number of cases that are still open. What should you do?

A.    Create a new goal, and add it as a child to the existing goal.
B.    Create a new goal metric, and add it to the existing goal.
C.    Add a new rollup field to the existing goal metric.
D.    Add a rollup query to the existing goal.

Answer: C

You need to specify the number of support hours a customer will receive. What should you create?

A.    A service activity
B.    A service level agreement (SLA)
C.    An entitlement
D.    A contract template

Answer: C

You need to create a dashboard that will include an external website. Which component should you add?

A.    Quick view
B.    Sub-grid
D.    Web resource

Answer: C

You are creating a goal for the number of phone calls made versus the number of phone calls scheduled. You need to establish the number of scheduled calls for your organization. Which value provides this information?

A.    In-progress
B.    Actual
C.    Closed
D.    Target

Answer: A

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