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You are working for an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have just made some changes to forms that are used both in the web application and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones app. You need to ensure that your users have access to the new configurations and that the first mobile user does not experience performance issues. What should you select?

A.    Prepare Client Customizations only
B.    Publish All Customizations only
C.    Prepare Client Customizations, then Publish All Customizations
D.    Publish All Customizations, then Prepare Client Customizations.

Answer: D

You are a system administrator. You add a new sandbox instance to your ten. How does this affect your storage limit?

A.    It will add 10 GB.
B.    It will add 2 GB.
C.    It will make no change to your storage limit.
D.    It will add 5 GB.

Answer: C

You are a system administrator using Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have recently scheduled and approved an update on your production instance. Testing on a sandbox instance indicates that more time is needed before the production instance is ready for the update. Which two statements regarding scheduling updates are true? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    A scheduled and approved update can be changed by any user with the correct privileges.
B.    A scheduled and approved update can be changed only by the user who approved it.
C.    A scheduled but not approved update can be changed.
D.    A scheduled and approved update cannot be changed.

Answer: AB

You are a system administrator, and your company recently began using Microsoft Dynamics 365. You need to perform a full copy from a training sandbox instance to one of your production instances. What should you do?

A.    Switch the production instance to a sandbox, and perform a full copy from training.
B.    Place the production instance in Administration mode, and perform a full copy from training.
C.    Perform a full copy from the training instance to the production instance.
D.    Switch the training instance to production, and perform a full copy.

Answer: B

As a system administrator, you want to integrate the Office Graph from Microsoft Office 365 into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Which two steps should you take to perform this integration? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Set up Microsoft OneNote integration.
B.    Enable Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration.
C.    Enable Microsoft Office Graph integration.
D.    Set up server-based Microsoft SharePoint integration.

Answer: BD

You are the network administrator for a company that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and are reviewing all of the licensed users for your organization to ensure all are up to date. What will occur if you remove a Microsoft Dynamics 365 license from a user?

A.    The user can access sandbox instances but not production instances.
B.    The user can access all instances but only view data in read-only mode.
C.    The user’s account is deleted and cannot access any instances.
D.    The user’s account is disabled and cannot access any instances.

Answer: D

You are the technology director for your company. You need to purchase a subscription to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the sales staff. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Purchase a Business License Premium subscription to Office 365.
B.    Purchase a Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription.
C.    Purchase a subscription through a Microsoft Partner.
D.    Purchase a Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription through the Office 365 Admin Portal.

Answer: CD

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