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A user has a Basic license for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For which two objects does the user have read-only access? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Leads
B.    Cases
C.    Opportunities
D.    System dashboards

Answer: BC

Which configuration supports the synchronization of appointments with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

A.    SMTP/POP3 and server-side synchronization
B.    Microsoft Exchange Online and server-side synchronization
C.    SMTP/POP3 and Email Router
D.    Microsoft Exchange Online and Email Router

Answer: B

Your company has been using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Business edition for one year. Since then, the size of your company has doubled, and you are using 98% of the storage allotted in your company’s subscription. You need increase the size of your available storage. What should you do to accomplish this goal?

A.    Purchase additional storage for your current subscription through the Microsoft Office 365 Admin portal.
B.    Purchase an additional volume license subscription through a Microsoft Partner for added storage.
C.    Increase the size of the storage allocated in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Adm in portal.
D.    Purchase additional storage for your current subscription through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin portal.

Answer: A

You are a system administrator using Microsoft Dynamics 365. You receive notification that an update needs to be scheduled and approved. Where should you perform this task?

A.    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, select Settings and System Notifications.
B.    In the Microsoft Office 365 Ad min Center, open the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ad min Center.
C.    In Microsoft Dynamics 365. select Settings and Administration.
D.    In the Microsoft Office 365 Ad min Center, select Billing and Subscriptions.

Answer: B

You are the system administrator at your organization. You need to synchronize all customization and users from your production instance to your training instance. What should you perform to accomplish this goal?

A.    a full copy
B.    a clone
C.    a switch
D.    a minimal copy

Answer: A

Which two versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM require an upgrade in order to use the Dynamics 365 for phones app? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose TWO.)

A.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 SP 1 Online
B.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On-Premises
C.    CRM 2015 Update 1 On-Premises
D.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online

Answer: CD

You are an administrator for Microsoft Dynamics 365. When accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the browser on a phone, a user does not see the same fields as when accessing it on a desktop browser. What should you do?

A.    In the Main form, ensure the needed sections are enabled for phones.
B.    In the Main form, ensure the needed fields are enabled for phones.
C.    In the security roles, ensure the user has privileges for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile.
D.    In the Mobile Express form, ensure the needed fields have been added to the form.

Answer: A

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