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What is the difference in the setup of periodic journals and voucher templates?

A.    You can modify the account type in voucher templates.
B.    Voucher templates can contain multiple vouchers.
C.    You can modify the account type in periodic journals.
D.    Periodic journals can contain only one voucher.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of an account structure?

A.    To assign a default offset account to a main account
B.    To define the valid main account and financial dimension combinations
C.    To classify and group main accounts for analysis purposes
D.    To control how transactions are sorted and fields are printed on reports

Answer: B

You are creating a parent budget plan that will consist of budget amounts for all departments. You then need to create associate budget plans and link them to the parent budget. Before you can create the associate budget plans, which two steps must be complete? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    The budget plan priority must be selected on the budget plan creation.
B.    The budget organization hierarchy must have at least two levels.
C.    The budget planning process that you select must be set up for associated budget plans.
D.    The individual preparing the budget plan needs appropriate permissions to create an associate budget plan.

Answer: A

You are an accounts receivable manager. Your company levies a fine with a high-interest premium on a customer’s overdue amount. The customer disputes this fine and succeeds. You need to waive the fine in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials. What should you do?

A.    Print/Post Interest notes.
B.    Create an interest adjustment.
C.    Print/Post Collection letter notes.
D.    Generate a customer account statement.

Answer: D

Your customer needs to set up Fixed assets and treat them as though they were purchased and placed in service at the mid-point of the first year, no matter when during that year the purchase was actually made. Which depreciation convention should you use when creating the depreciation profile?

A.    full month
B.    half year
C.    mid quarter
D.    mid month

Answer: B

An accountant wants to create a journal of amount 100 USD, exclusive of sales tax, against a customer. The accountant needs to modify the “Amount incl. salex tax” field so that it applies only to the journal created. Which setting should the accountant use?

A.    Individual Journal line
B.    Individual Journal from
C.    General ledger, Journal names from
D.    General ledger, Parameters from

Answer: D

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