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When generating a bank statement report, you notice entries for Received checks and Issued checks. These entries are all unidentified. You want to identify the checks transactionssimultaneouslyby using the bank statement report where should you define the default accounts for bank transactions of unidentified checks?

A.    On the Reconciliation matching rules from
B.    On the Bank transaction types from
C.    On the Bank accounts from
D.    On the Bank transaction group form

Answer: A

You need to analyze the maturity of customer accounts and vendor accounts, based on a date that you enter. The date entered, together with the Unit and Interval information defined, will be used to calculate and view the transactions. What should you do?

A.    Set up Aging period definition.
B.    Set up Customer pool.
C.    Set up Aging snapshot.
D.    Set up interest codes.

Answer: C

You are a credit and collections manager. You receive a check of 20,000 USD from a customer against overdue invoices. However, the bank informs you that the customer funds do not exist, and the check does not clear. You need to cancel the payment and charge the customer for this occurrence. What should you do?

A.    waive, reinstate, or reverse interest and fees
B.    create write-off transactions
C.    process non-sufficient funds (NSF) payments
D.    set up interest adjustments

Answer: D

You are setting up the budgeting module for your employer and are given a list of budget codes needed in the system. You want to create a “Preliminary” budget code but are unable to select it on the “budget Codes” form. Which configuration key enables “Preliminary” and “Apportionments” budget types?

A.    General Ledger – advanced II configuration key
B.    Budget control configuration key
C.    General Ledger configuration key
D.    Public Sector configuration key

Answer: A

Your company has decided to add five new vendors for purchasing and you are responsible for confi-guring the vendors in the new system. You want to group vendors by some specific values that are shared across multiple vendors and you have indentified vender groups on the vendor group from, which two specific values can be defined? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Terms of payment
B.    aging periods
C.    matching policy
D.    default tax group

Answer: BD

In which three modules is currency rounding configuration an option? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Budgeting
B.    Project management and accounting
C.    Accounts receivable
D.    Procurement and sourcing
E.    Accounts payable

Answer: BCE

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