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Your company has a Dynamics CRM organization. The company employs 20 technicians who respond to service calls at more than 1,000 customer locations. You need to recommend changes to the organization to meet the following requirements:
– Improve the accuracy of the estimated technician arrival time at the customer locations.
– Collect real-time analytics about visits to the customer locations.
What should you include in the recommendation?

A.    FieldOne
B.    Unified Service Desk
C.    The Interactive Service Hub
D.    Microsoft Power Bl

Answer: D

Your company has a Dynamics CRM organization that uses FieldOne. The company employs 10 field technicians. Each technician starts work at 08:00 and ends work at 16:00. You need to identify what percentage of the technician utilization time is scheduled for the service calls that will take place the next day. Which tool should you use?

A.    the Schedule Assistant
B.    the Schedule Board
C.    the Visual Filter
D.    the Report Wizard

Answer: C

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that has Unified Service Desk implemented. In CRM, you use a custom entity named Projects for project management. Your customer service representatives will access the information in Projects from Unified Service Desk. The projects will be associated to specific accounts always. When a user selects a project from an account the project will open in a different window. You need to identify which Unified Service Desk component you should use to display the project information in the Unified Service Desk interface. Which component should you identify?

A.    a hosted control
B.    a computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter
C.    an event
D.    an entity search

Answer: B

While viewing open cases on an interactive dashboard in the integrated service hub, your manager informs you that there is a recall on a new product. The cases associated to the new product must not affect the customer support agreement and must be moved to a queue named Recall Queue for processing. You discover that a case regarding the recalled product is assigned to you. You need to manage the case based on guidelines provided by the manager. What are two possible actions that achieve the goal? (Choose two.)

A.    Merge
B.    Assign
C.    Apply Routing Rule
D.    Do not decrement entitlement terms
E.    Add to Queue

Answer: BC

Your company has a Dynamics CRM organization that has the following characteristics:
– The organization has 1,000 active users.
– The users access CRM by using the web client and mobile devices.
– Managers are responsible for updating all of the account records.
– All of the users are responsible for creating and updating case records.
The company is evaluating whether to implement Unified Service Desk. You need to identify the characteristic of the company that will prevent the successful use of Unified Service Desk. What should you identify?

A.    Managers are responsible for updating alt of the account records.
B.    The users access CRM by using the web client and mobile devices.
C.    The company has 1,000 active users.
D.    All of the users are responsible for creating and updating case records.

Answer: C

You are managing business closures in Dynamics CRM. You configure business closure days for your company. You have 50 managers who belong to a resource group named Managers. You need to ensure that the managers can be scheduled for activities anytime, including during the business closure days. All other resources must be prevented from being scheduled on the business closure days. What should you configure?

A.    the user records
B.    the closure for the CRM organization
C.    the selection rules
D.    the record for the Managers resource group

Answer: B

You need to create a dashboard for the interactive priority, incident type, and resolution trend. Which type of dashboard should you create?

A.    tier one
B.    multi-stream
C.    single-stream
D.    system

Answer: C

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