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You need to build a single-stream interactive dashboard in the interactive service hub. You are planning the layout of the dashboard. What are two possible components that can you include on the dashboard? (Choose two.)

A.    queues
B.    web resources
C.    knowledge articles
D.    iFrames

Answer: AB

You configure a service schedule. You need to identify which processes can be automated as part of the service schedule. Which two processes should you identify? (Choose two.)

A.    showing all of the resources that are qualified, regardless of their availability
B.    rotating vacation schedules for the resources
C.    scheduling resources around planned meal breaks
D.    showing all of the resources that are available and qualified

Answer: AB

Your company has service technicians who are sent to customer sites. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the service technicians might need to bring specific equipment. You have a customer who requests a service technician named Tech1. When you attempt to schedule the service appointment, you discover that Tech1 is an unavailable resource. Tech1 can be scheduled for other service activities. You need to identify what prevents Tech1 from being available for the service appointment. Which two conditions should you identify? (Choose two.)

A.    the security of Tech1
B.    the service preferences of the customer
C.    the selection rules of the service
D.    the resources of the resource group

Answer: AC

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that has Unified Service Desk implemented. The system administrator recently made several configuration changes to Unified Service Desk from within CRM. Users report that they fail to see any of the changes in the Unified Service Desk client. The changes are visible from CRM. You need to ensure that the changes are visible from the Unified Service Desk client. What should you do?

A.    Reload CRM in the browser.
B.    Publish the changes in CRM.
C.    Restart the Unified Service Desk client.
D.    Export and import the changes.

Answer: C

A user named User1 creates a new case for a customer. The case is assigned to a queue named Help Desk. A user named User2 claims the case from the queue and resolves the case. The customer reports that the issue still exists. A user named User3 reopens the case. You need to identify the current owner of the case. Who should you identify?

A.    The Help Desk team
B.    User1
C.    User2
D.    User3

Answer: A

You use the interactive service hub for knowledge articles. A customer service representative creates a new article. Other customer service representatives report that they fail to find the article in the interactive service hub. You need to ensure that all of the customer service representatives can find the article. What should you do?

A.    Send the customer service representatives the public URL for the article by email.
B.    Have a manager approve the article.
C.    Increment a major version number.
D.    Create the article in the Dynamics CRM knowledge base.

Answer: D

Your team uses the interactive service hub for knowledge articles. You are responsible for quality control on new and updated knowledge articles. You receive an article to review that is incomplete. You need to request that the author of the knowledge article complete the article, while ensuring that the article is inaccessible to other users. What should you do first?

A.    Set the version number to a minor version.
B.    Deactivate the knowledge article.
C.    Reject the knowledge article.
D.    Change the process flow.

Answer: A

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